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Reggie Back in I hard media empire his will be the first voice you hear if he joined us here this morning with your questions, comments, the fishing reports. 1 809 699352 is the only number you need to know would be a little remiss you this morning if we didn't Quickly talk about Our good friend from D A, uh, that being Mr Ron DS, who is Retiring, riding off into the sunset he rolls into the building gives The legendary Reggie a his own moniker, and they're often running and That was retired. So like 30 years doing radio Ah, lot of you familiar, very familiar with Randy s from the runaround show and All kinds of different radio stuff throughout the years, But the last several years he's been part of the running Ian Show where I do. Official report weekly Fridays at four o'clock I get asked all the time in the mountain about about Randy s just because you don't know him through the business and Being part of the fishing report with him here for so long, really impressive cat just the way he's carried himself the way he's handled his business here in the Tampa Bay market, truly a radio icon. S so, um, It's good stuff, You know, Uh, I was super excited when he, uh, pulled on board, Reggie, and there started talking little groups that made him are Official in the guru in the building. They're at I love you apart. I know. Dude. It sounded so good, too, was amazing. I appreciate it, you know? Yeah, again. Randy is just a radio legend here in the Tampa Bay market, to say the least. So you know, congratulations to him kind of riding off into the sunset. Super good stuff for sure. His last day will be next Friday. Yeah, um, I was very, very sad. And, of course kind of. I didn't. I had no idea that was happening. And, of course, but I will. Of course. Take my anointing is MBA analyst for DEA had had a tag, Tom. A mullah in that one, You know, let him know what was going on. Because you know when we're idea exactly when When I was even on the show. I was like, you know, e and asked me he's like, So how do you? How did you come across being Ah, MBA analyst and I was like, That's what Ron called me when we walked in. And so that's what I went with. And now to find out that he's retiring is just that was the first time I met wrong and literally tells me I've been N B. A expert now and I get to go on his show, and now he's retiring. That was kind of Uh, Didn't I had no words for that, Like the very first time that you meet somebody. They give you this ex. He's been on radio for 30 years. I've been here, not even three and not even a third of that. And that's amazing. He's announced a I love him. I love Ron. Yeah, he's that guy do to you. He just his energy again. Professionalism. Uh, you know, just being a weekend radio hack for 20 years myself to have a guy like Randy, as you know, giving us of love. You know, to have him in our market on our stations, his ability to kind of show you the way that that screw things up too bad. Just really, really, really big stuff. So again, big shout out to to him. Uh, I want to put it. I wanna put a shout out to to, uh again. I'm doing a lot of this is we're going to dive into this cold weather fishing here. I promise you, but trying to get some of this other stuff out of the way. I want to put a shout out to all of the real animals. TV sponsors. Um, Penders, you know, whole list on that real animals dot com Um Mind my resorts. You know all three of my resort South seas the plantation of Crystal River on now stream song. Are back on board with real animals. TV. You know a lot of a lot of my sponsors, especially my resorts. They had a brutal year. Just a brutal year. The pandemic might have beat them up as much or more than anyone. So it's It's really special to me that everyone has come back on continued to support. What we do on Glee is the fishing community need to remember that we need to as we're shopping here for Christmas and things like that, you know, maybe You know, get some gifts that are a little different again your opportunity to get outside while this pandemic is still going on, you know, maybe use some gifts and Tim against for some hotel stays for some resort stays. The plantation of Crystal River absolutely phenomenal. Even in the winter time I'm headed up there on the 22nd of this month to do some fishing. It's going to be spectacular. That's one of the coolest things about The West Coast of Florida is the fishing in the wintertime is still really, really good. Even when that water cools down, our big ship had come in red fish are really cold. Water tolerant are big speckled trout are here. There's a lot of cool things to do so. Again. Get outside. Do those things that we do on again. You know, the plantation in Crystal River South Seas Island resort and streams song all great places to give some love back to and again, they need it because 2020 was not was not kind to our our favorite resort partners and also something to think about rope against the clock here. Bottom of the hour. We've got Ron at Ron's tackle box are freshwater guru. He's gonna be up on the other side with our bass report. Hopefully, we'll hear from you as well. Phone lines are open. 1 809 699352 again. It's 100. 569935 to let him up. We'll be back. Stare up at the Blue Blue Sky Cassidy's trying but I don't mind news, traffic.

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