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We are back and Let's head to tuscaloosa right now. Depth chart or out even in rare form and stephen m. smith joining us now stephen m. As you look over the roster As you hear the coach talk about the first game which stands out what stands out is basically how calm nick sabin ears. I mean i. I mean usually would get more that row offing from nick. Study but A little bit more calm today as in the game week by no forest forest. Sean officially the starting quarterback he's officially. Qb one now. This comes as no surprise to anybody. We all kind of knew that he would take though. Take those steps progressions. Take the reins or that team this team by him being officially named qb one. It'd be interesting to see. Can you go out there. No play his own game. Not kid overly bogged down by the high for the pressure the moment but be able to sell the and just go out there. Half on playing football stephen. mo you're you're an optimist but you know we we. We can talk to anybody extolling the virtues of this team but if you had to pinpoint one thing they use that you look at that roster in maybe even a little bit concerned about what is it. I'll have to go just the chemistry of the offensive line just a little bit just due to after losing man dickerson to the nfl draft at center and what an outstanding young man that was. He brought an entire offense of line. Together and chris all wins. He's quite a lot of football. His career entering his sixth year in the program so much respect to him and dolly endow in thirty years junior came in twenty nineteen from maryland. Dickerson had that nastiness that physicality that often of everybody. Just kinda sort of got behind with coven iron man you know if you will so you don't have that guy you got no a brand new right tackle. Tackling kendo randolph. He's putting another football. But you know you laws. Alex offensive tackle to drop a brown at guard to the draft. So just the continuity of this offensive line just slightly scary a little bit for me. Conversely everyone talks about bryce young and we know who the stars are on this team. But if you're telling are talking to an audience that doesn't see the alabama football team like you do and let are watching the game saturday on television. Who should who should they pay attention to. Who who's going to. Wow them. I will say this. Keep your eyes on number ten. Joe joe earl true freshman out of alito texas. Don't school paul. And i tell you this chairman waddell two point. Oh this is. Jim waddell to point out. I'm telling you speed quick. A jimmy change directions fast quick twitch i mean the guy can just go he can get up and go go. Go and nick sabin loves those guys that have juice and especially after losing a quick twitch guy by jalen waddell to the nfl with the miami. Dolphins need to get somebody that i can return. Those pilots can break them back to the house as wellness plan that slot row at wide receiver so keep your eyes on number four star from alito high school in texas. That can go on the defensive side. I just hear so many names When down there and talking to friends Some of them are pretty well known but give us Give us a crash course on who to watch on that side of the ball. We're watching that south. Bobby of course. Paul you had your main guys fidelia. Mathis is on the line. You're dj dale's the defensive line just the bike bay is a guy. That's getting the star over brian. Ray due to ray getting bad from a groin surgery and boy. These kind of an underrated guy of the nine bankers. You got four. Great ones will anderson's a terror back for his sophomore year. Christopher and when he healthy he's a monster and we saw this last season. He's back as the other outside. Backer your to inside guys. You've got christian harris whose finally back play his natural spot at weakside linebacker. So he see ball get ball kind of a reuben foster type if you will and then you got toyota. Oto who runs it in the middle as the mike nine. Backup signal caller. He's done this at tennessee somebody of home. You've been very happy to have alabama he targeted him. The twenty nineteen class though. The young man chose tennessee by my is being a secondary paul. Because this is a very intriguing group with josh joe as a corner with. Jane davis the young man from mobile. Who dug his way up from being injured and being recruited over multiple times. He's a starter at the other corner by gotta keep your eyes on. Is brian blanche number fourteen. Because he's this very versatile guy. I mean he can play safety he can pay corner he can play and different stop. Packages just has a ton of range when that high school in georgia sandy creek high school. He was the program's all. Time leader for interception. So this is a guy that has a no slip all living ball magnet here. I know he's not listed as a starter but he'll definitely get out there. Keep your eyes on fourteen secondary. I don't. I don't think nick sabin knows the personnel as well as you do. Stephen let me let me let me close by by talking about sabourin for a second because you mentioned his calm. I was listening to a clip. Earlier it just sounded so familiar. Sabin always does the same thing on that final monday. But you mentioned something. Very interesting com. Why do you think he is giving that that air off the reason why to me. Paul is the first time especially at the quarterback position. You're not seeing that hint of doubt in terms of the program..

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