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Gave and really great late or people are just picking cops that are just like going in different directions. So i'm kind of curious. You guys are both you know far more knowledgeable on the stuff that i am. What is what is happening. coin flip. I don't know. is it happening. Lorrimore am i am i. I just noticing it like the blue car syndrome or is it just does it as it actually feel like. It's happening a lot more these days. The split hands on what teams as well. I think e g in particular have a good team to watch. We'll one before. They went on their win streak. I feel like it was happening. Zoology a lot to right. Where the oughta games were like. They were winning ton. And then they just lose immortals. Had this like and so when you're seeing it so frequently We just to my is. It feels like it's very common In the lcs. right now. and i don't know i don't know if that's just the state of the game. The only thing. I can see about it being a state of the game thing. Is that in a lot of games where becomes volatile in the late game. Usually one team won the early game and they'll have like three or four drake's usually like on seoul point or something that they'll get soul and then you get like really wonky one team is like not gonna wanna take those traits that you hitting these weird trade situations which can lead into bases and stuff. That's the only thing i can possibly think of. But we've had drake soul and stuff for awhile. I think it's just aberrations you know i don't know why why they would be anything in the meta. That's like yeah we'll because they had zigzag they had to back door and make it fucking wild for tsn. I don't know yeah. Well i guess we will see All right well without further ado mark has already pulled a ton of collars so we don't need to do the spiel but it is a call in show. This is your first time here and You can join our discord. If you'd like to to be able to put a question in the future and there if you are sub make sure you you sink your twitch chat or your twitter account with your discord so you can get access. The sub topics channel Yeah all right we're gonna go grab bars for store aren't Thank you to bob. Sixty nine for the job corps user twitch for gifting to subs shampoo for two years core user twitch for the sub For six months wick helm. A red rain filed fourteen pluto. Some four four three thirty nine months holy-moly christian kaelin t punishes two four seven Canot clock country with all these gifted subs. Oh my gosh ten. One one up. One to papa smith he trillion The slather puss. And i think we're all kind of thank you guys for the the subs. I appreciate realme. Do you have a favorite restaurant and ailing restaurant Processes is pretty good. I've been once pasta sister. We'd like that even restaurant and you unique restaurant that you've been to once. I didn't like i've eight. There is in order it. I'm like oh well. It's actually a little better when you can go out and eat pasta sisters sick. It's your boy juicy. Look the show where you calling from. I'm calling from. I think. I said before glendale california glendale california. I mean i. Don't i ask every time. Sometimes people move you know. There's a doc Kubik caller's name and location memorize everybody. But it's your boy Thank you for calling back to the show. What do you want to talk about this time. i'll talk about one hundred these performance of specifically doggie and since we only used to be playing used to play with the Used to play with the star one hundred players. I want to ask him. What do you think of our dogs performance during three weeks. He's been booming a lot. And i not isn't gonna three and zero and all that too. I wanna look at performance on autism hundred performance as a whole and we shouldn't forget one hundred fees bt esim before and like and pretty sure like abadaka pretty pretty much contested fuel. We pretty well so real more. Do you think about avocados performance like during his three weeks. When you say he's been booming. Do you mean like would weigh in a good way in a good way. I was gonna say because i'm like i'm pretty sure he's been pretty good. But twitch chat seems kind of confused by it. So that's why i was asking all right so aga. What do you think of his entrance to the team. Raoma i think i obviously scream him as well so i get to get more some insights. How now lanes and stuff. I think he's actually pretty good. I think he's joe pretty standard milano. I think you know we're gonna get from him of similar to like. I guess when. I like when i was perks. I get the same kind of fuel i feel like that. Kind of impact. I guess it helps a lot when you have that lane. Pressurall equates a lotta. I guess windows for your team to punish a lot more. I think also he also caused like he called he was like for like plays he calls plays like really well. I'd say the windows. He sees a pretty good especially when he's playing like a collie say i think that's why he had. I really good. I think i was actually against the osama's well. He's a colleague game. I think when you have like that kind of mindset kinda placed all. I think you pop. Do you think he's doing a lot of in game leadership to the team and direction because they feel like one of the issues that happened a lot last Split for the team as it seemed like sometimes it hundred t we get like lead and then things would just go sideways or whatever. So i don't know how vocal he is and how much he's he's doing stuff but I wouldn't say it's a leadership thing are. They just pressurize on the map. I just think it's harder to verse. Andreotti's especially i mean. It's pretty obvious that he's pretty good. And i also want to point now also that I don't like i don't mean to like drop down rome also. I know that you have been playing practicing a lot to try and improve. Also people are being saying also that because a hundred did really good with our alma. An avocado is like a super upgrade. And when i looked at a performance he actually did pretty well People always say like. Oh maybe dog a one day. He's gonna fall and as state someone will say. Oh bench dog get real me back or demonte or whatnot. And i'm like the same. Goes for perks and king and all that to like that. But that's one wondering..

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