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And weather keeping you informed 24 73 65 5 28 traffic and weather on the H T and Crawford in the traffic center. Just getting word of a new crash on the inner loop. Check that the outer loop of the capital Beltway collar telling me just now it's right before the through lanes and the local lanes merged back together could believe it could be on the local lanes with caution over the crash activity first responders heading that way. Now, I don't believe there's any help on scene collar Just updating on this. And Mary updating might be on this as well on the outer loop near to 10. The crash activity in the local lanes on the rest of the Beltway. We go like this. We had crash activity in Virginia on the inner loop ramp to 66. I believe that is now a thing of the past. With caution, however, as you make your way around, Lots of slick roads is one despite all the free tree, But the roads are basically passable, but with a great deal of caution as you travel this morning, lots of slick roadways Maryland 91 idea. Check that BW Parkway north down near 1 97 the right lane. Was getting by the crash activity at last report lots of activity around film with both and no Muslims that North bound now with the crash activity on the ramp from north about 95 to north down route 17 at exit 1 33 B for Falmouth, and that ramp was blocked in that report. On 95 North found near foul meth as well in the main travel lanes, the right shoulder now blocked by the ongoing crash activity. 95 Stamp out after Dumb Freeze watchword crash activity on the right shoulder Dido that before you get to Stafford actually 1 40 over on the right side in the district crash activity was on I 2 95 r neck that check that disabled vehicle Was I to 95 North, about after South Capitol Street blocking a right lane start the new year where your community grow stronger, joined the Y M c a today Rose zero enrollment fee to learn more about this offer and the wisest safety measures visit Y M c A. D c dot or GCI and Crawford. W t o p TRAFFIC. The Winter Storm Warning.

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