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Now. A as get. So you did the point break skydive? And I said random question. which movie do you prefer, point, break or fast and furious. What you see. was nothing like fast and furious point, the second version of point break was good been fast fiercer copy of that so if you look back at the original Keanu, reeves. swayze just? Such a Rad cast in they overdid it like Hollywood does but I just thought you know the whole vibe of the thing, they they. They, they have got the culture and then just blew it out of the water, but it was. It was a really interesting perspective and I thought that was just absolutely awesome. Where triplex I mean. Yes, it's a horrible action film. The that I will watch. Passengers. Not Right, right? What's? What's what's your favorite movie? Favorite movie Yeah I was just watching eighteen the other day I was like man. Some really good movie. Bradley Cooper One yeah I mean. Don't rock got horrible reviews, and it's one of those just fad action bills that. Laughed all the I. Guess reminded me of that, but I like grandma's boy. yeah. That was that was pretty funny. When there's I don't know what's your facebook? Question. It is. It's. It's what I've seen. Recently that I really dug I. Guess is is a big coin admit yeah. Yeah I pope fiction. clueless like Ferris Buehler's Day off. Okay you. That was a big jump, yeah! clueless. A. Kind of somewhere between. Guess Right. Yeah, yeah, I was just trying to hit. You know like Tarantino. I like feel good. You know can around comes and. All that stuff, so. Did anyone ever you about making a movie out of your life. Yeah I I'm not there man I just I love. To. Ride H- love to drive cars loved fun Why was you said a team? And I was like? Why does he like eighteen? And then so much of a team, though is planning and executing these elaborate kind of stunk SOMOS and then thinking about nitrous circus. I'm like. Maybe there's some overlap there. 'cause like part of a blows my mind, the most about extra circuits which is. How did they come up with this I? Do they have a writer's room in there? Like all right? We're going to route. We're going to jump a rally car than have a dirt bike strapped to the top. It's a the creativity of it it. It really boggles the mind. When they're flying the tank I just feel like that's kind of what we do in action sports lying tank, but like they were so. He hasn't seen a team they get. The plane shot down, but in the back of the plane. They've gotta take with parachute. So they jump in the tank and other trying to shoot down the drones in the tank and then. There's a there's a lake, so they're fire the take not at anything. Just move it over to get over the lake. And that's like I just feel like. There's so much of that movie that yet, so far beyond anything. That could actually happen, but. If there's a will. There's a way it's like if we're playing. Is a horrible thought. You always think if the plane goes down or something like what would I do? Okay? There's my exits like I. Don't know if you look for excellence. When they say look for exits. I looked at the excess every time they can all right I can jump over. Those three people push personnel. Get to this I'm sorry I. Horrible but. You always got an excellent. I'm afraid of flying so I dig it. Yeah. I always wondered about that I'm like what if I brought a parachute onto every flood, it'd probably be weightless scared. I brought him onto a lot. Oh you have. Like. Kerryon. Kerryon! Just in case. I mean if I'm going on a trip where I have a parachute. I'M GONNA. Bring the Barasheet on as my carry on because there's no point at issue underneath the plane. I can't get to it, yeah? They come in Handy I. Just Watch, Air Force One. Yet. Perfect, any got your documentary coming out on June fourteenth right? It's the furrier race to rebuild. Yet so we add an awesome kind of opportunity. It was I. don't know if you guys have heard of guiding Ronnie Mac but this this guy is. Is a fictional character, basically that just kind of a partier and he calls. Calls me up. He's actually amazing racer like he's one of the best in the world, but he always goes out and just June rights, and then beats like he goes to win state championships and everything. Just, uniting totally as a joke, I and It's kind of funny, but some of the industry doesn't like him a lot, but he's like look. Motocross nations is like the Olympics for motocross and that's going to be held in the US. He's like quarter Rico territory of the US. You have to hold a passport derived or Puerto Rico. He's like Hurricane Maria just came in. Is like everyone is. They need funding. They don't have funding for a team he's. They're going to not have a team this year for the first time in a long time it goes. What if we go out? Would we raise funds for that team and we send that team to the Latin America, Mason? MOTOCROSS nations we go down there. We built a motocross track. we provide some some staffer schools because you know if we can raise enough money to move some houses like he goes, it'll be a really fun project, but the the motorcycle industry. They heard that Rodney. Mack was going to be doing the Motor Corp.'s. That's like going to the Olympics. As a joke and it just didn't go over well, so we got a this Guy Kevin Windham. Who is one of the greatest riders of all time? But he had literally after in two thousand fourteen. He went off the grid. This guy he's got a grizzly Adams Beard He was two hundred and thirty pounds. He put on like forty or fifty pounds since he was racing in two thousand fourteen. And only months before the event and.

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