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Welcome to let the new USA I'm making wholesome we're gonna continue now with my conversation with cypress hill's send dog in the nineties Cypress Hill this is like your your moment the peak of your career like from the mid nineties to late two thousand your collaborating with artists like wutang clan D. ice cube Snoop Dogg learn these people and Marc Anthony legends in music history and I keep thinking back to you just like being you know in your little neighborhood like okay well I can't really pop and rock but maybe I could do for how are you processing not just the theme but the fact that you had this level of impact I mean the way I process it was like you have your every dealer that they say about you is true then you should be able to open up some doors for for people behind you and I felt that we did that you know we opened up doors and you know behind us can some really good talent you see a lot more like Latino HIPAA coming out and and they made me feel good to know that we did our role as is as pioneers or or just role models or whatever you know guys and open the door like you know check out the kids behind us you know they got talent too so those are the high point but there's this thing that happens in the mid nineteen nineties Cypress Hill and NW a rapper Ice Cube getting to be if there's accusations of people stealing rhymes what happened with Ice Cube ended up creating a rift between black and brown folks in LA it created.

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