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No dealer handling fees, wrapping things up with the Reds here this afternoon, Buddy Mike and I were talking yesterday during the broadcast Joey Votto and where he fits in Reds history. Certainly a great career. I kind of thought you'd still have to pick Tony Perez. If you were looking for a first baseman for Cincinnati. How about you? Well jacked. I agree. I mean, I obviously my Grade school high school. College years were, uh, you know, sort of centered around the You know, the big red machine, right? They were formidable, and their entire lineup was was great. And Tony Perez was, you know, right there in the middle of it. But I think you can make a case for for Votto. Uh, you know Perez Hall of Famer Votto statistically. You know, it just keeps continually climbing up Reds history and that's a long history. Right? As you know. I mean, they've been here. Are they the longest franchise? They are in the nationalist and so But you know what? Just, you know, the present day Votto jacket looks as though he's as the resurgence. I think he's put on some weight. He looks better physically, He's strong. The bat speeds back. He looks like the Votto of you know, 67 years ago, so But Jack those big red machines of the seventies, man. What a. You know what a power laid in the lineup they had. You know, I was a little surprised. I thought you were going to take George high pockets, Kelly, Or maybe even Ted. Close sooskee as your choice there. Well, I do like to wait. Close Sooskee Wars uniform, Ted, when the Reds have the sleeveless uniforms, and he'd cut that he'd cut his short sleeve T shirt, just a little closer. Those upper shoulders there really show off his biceps, but Those are two good names. Yeah, they go. They are indeed, um, you get one of the Reds top pitching prospects today and Tony Santy in what's the scouting report? You know, big right hander Jack with, you know, a mid nineties fastball. Good arm. You know, he's been pitching well and Triple A. There's a strikeout in there in the minor leagues. We'll see if it translates today. But, you know good stuff like a Yeah, Like a lot of young kids these days. Uh, he turns to loose with, uh, you know, some power to the fastball in a good breaking ball, so We'll have to get to him. I'm sure he'll be fired up. We'll see if you know his nerves are, uh, you know, disadvantaged form or not, but you know, we'll be ready to hit the fastball. And I know I mean, it happens during the course of a season, But you're certainly looking for, uh, Antonio sense until it today to be a starter that can give you some length. Yeah, The last three starts have been a little rough for our guys, which is You know, real bit a little bit of out of the ordinary for our group. But you don't see you know Kiki, Kyle and her mom String together starts like they have these last you know, consecutively, but, you know, sensor He's a bulldog, Jack. He knows what, uh, we've done the last few days and he's ready to stop it. So you're right. Hopefully he can give us a solid six innings and We'll We'll go from there. All right, buddy. Good luck this afternoon. Thanks, Jack. About black Show brought to you by shop. Subaru, your Subaru dealer located in Aurora. One price, one person one hour with no dealer handling fees more to come here on the K away Iraqis Radio network. The action is still unfolding.

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