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Frost bit of common sense, but shame on soda, my Orrin, Justice Ginsburg for the no vote. But that was some good news check that out some other even talking about the reparations hearing yesterday. Did you happen? Maybe I missed it. Did you see Burgess Owens? Yes, I did. Because if people have not seen his comments, yet men, he laid into the Democrats, we haven't on our Facebook, one point six thousand shares of his of his five minutes beach yesterday. He said, yeah, let's pay restitution quote. How about the democrat party pay for all the misery brought to my race take a look at his video at the website speaking of race. Here's a race baiting congresswoman Yana Presley claims that black Americans, quote have yet to enjoy the full measure of freedom. That is. Specify what she that was the last part of her video, she as, if somehow congresswoman making one hundred seventy thousand a year controlling such power is I guess, still somehow segregated again, Syrian refugee, ISIS sympathizer charged with planning to blow up a church in Pittsburgh and one more another elected official where would we be without people like this Senator Hirono of Hawaii crazy for Trump to be prosecuted after he leaves office, quote, he needs to be held accountable cannibal for what she doesn't know nobody knows. But so you check out hers as well. More wcbMcom, follow us on Facebook and follow us on WCBS Twitter. Thank you. Thanks. I shall radio six eighty head WC him. This. If.

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