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It but i think you're you're busy gestion and point just keep it business as usual if the voters say no the city council and the zoning department they'll just make the changes yes exactly exactly keep doing it the way you're doing it that you're right now the question is voters need to consider do you think the city on this issue needs more citizen oversight in zoning changes i would say yes they do then you want it on the ballot yes no i do want it on the ballot but i know and if the city has to have a citywide public hearing on various zoning issues in the future because of this lawsuit can you imagine how difficult it would be to fix problems right in the city right now understand understand of course i wanted of course i want some skin in this game i want i want to be able to approve or disapprove this thing but that will not happen but it does raise a good question why does it have to be why is this this approach this massive this massive overhaul of the way they they wanted this massive chunk big the reason people have a problem with it is because they feel it's gonna lead to more gentrification yes it's gonna lead to higher property values higher density it's it's going to do the opposite of what every city council members said they would want to do that's es affordability in this city it would make this city more unaffordable yes absolutely absolutely six fifty four and have you seen this story administer correlating big time in cyberspace and we sit history tells us that big game hunters probably shouldn't post their trophies on social media man here about this kentucky woman she's finding out the hard way test thompson tally she posted photos on facebook about a year ago alongside a black giraffe that she hunted and killed in south africa now these photos went virtually unnoticed until a news outlet called africa digest picked up on them and then shared of just last week and it prompted immediate outrage on social media hashtag test thompson tally quickly going viral italian has been receiving death threats since he's photos emerged defended her kill saying that the draft was eighteen and was too old to breed so there you go these are typically you know hired guns by the the village yes where the shooting happened the village makes money and it's not cheap it's five ten fifteen twenty thousand dollars in some cases maybe more to hunt one of these animals that the that the village is about to kill anyway yeah because it's it can't breed and it's become a nuisance and it's attacking other black draft that are trying to breed conservation it's conservation the animal needs to be put down so what the village does is very optum optum you know being an opportunistic and capitalist they sell these they sell these opportunities ten fifteen twenty thousand dollars to shoot these animals and then the village eats the meats and conservation goes on but this story is taken off in cyberspace like craze well you know i guess i can get my head around the conservation aspect of it i guess that does make sense however what does not make sense to me a very simple question very very basic question i'd like to ask her what pleasure did you reap from shooting a giraffe that's what i would like to know you don't like this hell no no no that's just me now again i get the conservation aspect of it i i can i can i can support that i guess but what i don't understand i just don't understand i would you talk to hear her yeah what pleasure did what where is the sport in shooting the side of a barn that is don prior asking that question please don show if.

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