North Carolina, Hurricane Florence, ABC discussed on Hanson McClain's Money Matters


KOA Denver ABC. Oh, HD three boulder. Home of the Broncos KOA, NewsRadio iheartradio station. From ABC news. I'm Chuck Sivertsen. Florence has officially claimed thirty two lives in North Carolina. We don't want to lose any more people. Flood emergency continues in North Carolina a week after hurricane Florence says. Governor ROY Cooper nine of our river. Gauges are at major flood stage and four others are at moderate flood stage five hundred roads still closed in North Carolina. A lot of powers restore, but there is still foulland's of outages. Twenty eight hundred people are in shelters, but that's down from twenty thousand those whose homes were destroyed by hurricane Florence and North Carolina will begin moving into hotel rooms next week as a transitional housing program begins a new tropical storm Kirk is swirling in the eastern Atlantic and is moving rapidly westward activists marking the one year anniversary of hurricane Maria is devastation of Puerto Rico are staging a rally and caravan focused on President Trump's mar-a-lago resort in Florida. The woman who says supreme court nominee Brett Cavanaugh sexually assaulted her. In highschool is granted more time to negotiate about testifying for the chair of the Senate Judiciary committee. ABC's David Wright, the judiciary committee has proposed that she go first and the taverna follow. She has said that she wants Cavanaugh to go first, and then she would follow. They've also been questions about whether they would be in the same room at the same time. And also how many reporters would be there? Her lawyer says they want it to be open, but.

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