Senator Barry Goldwater, Republican Party, Lisa Murkowski discussed on Mark Levin


Are they call him? They say somebody sake oil, salesmen and stuff like that. And you know, he he he's actually really smart guy. But here's the thing. And I appreciate all the background. Here's the thing the media and the left, and they are the same thing. They don't care if he had a horrific record. It wouldn't matter. He's a useful idiot, and he really is a useful idiot. So is Susan Collins. And so is Lisa Murkowski. These are useful idiots. It's unfortunate that we don't have enough useful idiots on the democrat side who from time to time really have a at a piffling and move on to the Republican side of you ever seen a democrat celebrated by the media who joins with the Republicans never ever never not one, right? Nope. Nope. He's and you don't want to say that was told me one time by Senator Barry Goldwater. I was a gold water. Did y'all Republican Barry Goldwater? No, Barry Goldwater anyway. Well, he's got me into Democratic Party. I'm actually union guy BWI right union guide, and I came up through the unions who Democrats, and he's the one that put you to the Republican party because he said, hey, we'd like you. And so, but he told me one point point in our in our country country's future future teacher. You're going to see a division. So great. It's good leads or revolution of this country. And I think we're at that point. I think we're not there. We're certainly close on the left is pushing us into this. Their their race baiting of their their attacks on fundamental institutions there discrediting individuals, regardless of due process, regardless of proof, it's becoming commonplace now. And of course, they have the media as their mouthpiece. Thank you for your call, buddy. Excellent call. I appreciate it. All right, ladies and gentlemen. I hope you've enjoyed the program..

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