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I i see what you're saying yeah all right so um i also uh i've got a good friend who is a um uh an fbi um profiler and he says which i totally agree with because i i was talking to jim clementi and i said well what about um what about the genetic what about his father 'cause i i really believe the father had something to do with it and he led maureen genetics load the gum his personality and psychology will aim the weapon and it late experiences are would pull the trigger why i just that in and of itself really kind kinda brought everything together or me y of all the tribhuvan middle east because seems like something a guy with his profile wouldn't be doing a fear of of retired fats law lobbed is living in mosquito nevada's spending all your days and spending all you have dollars gambling play video poker which by the way is not with wales play if you're a big time gambler you play cards if you're a guy would no personality or little old lady you sit there and play the machines and that's where i played which struck me as odd but but to go on trips to the united arab emirates and jordan just doesn't seem like what that guy would be doing i agree with that and that information is new and i know from 25 years of investigating largescale crimes in stopped we're w the hallmark of any good investigator any good investigation is to approach this with an open mind and um and objectivity so we i i i can't formulate anything now i don't know what to think i do know that they've got great gambling there but like you said he's not hitting the blackjack table so i would not my first thing would be to approach it methodically and slowly and without inserting my own um ideas of what it could b i would look at the uh where he stayed i would look at the phone records i would look at his credit card statements which they're doing they're doing all that and they're also drilling down just uh and uh.

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