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And we're glad you're here. Enjoy. Which was very nineteen Ninety-six nineteen Ninety-seven sort of thing to do like when the web, I really took off a lot of companies didn't really know what to do website should work. Right. How much like TV should it be? So a lot of a lot of them thought. Well, this is ridiculous. You're looking at a screen. That's TV. We should we should talk to the people at an ad turned out. No. But the I'm we've had this discussion privately before, but you just know that there was some sort of meeting with the website team. And and Steve Wynn was I will I think I should these people. I should let them know let them know where they are let them know there at the at the wind website, and you just know that there were people on that web team who who tried to talk about it. I'm unsuccessful plenty. And obviously unsuccessfully. So I'm sure that was an easy fix. They just lied that audio file I'm sure that was very satisfying for somebody. But there were all sorts of bits of Steve Wynn all throughout the complex. There's there's a restaurant in Las Vegas Sinatra named it's it's in conjunction with the Frank Sinatra family pictures of of Frank Sinatra with Steve Wynn throughout the years. They had a they worked together when when Steve Wynn owned the golden nugget in Atlantic City in the late seventies early eighties. All sorts of pictures of him, those pictures, he no longer. They're gone. Never in a closet somewhere with has as your wife. Amy likes to say. That's where the Joe Paterno statue is maybe the Smithsonian it's causing sweaters. I'm sure they had some of those razors. Does. Disney used to have at DisneyWorld. They had like a. TV hall of fame like sort of busts of famous TV people in Steph on took away. Cosby instep, do they discovered the cover the whole thing? Anything I worried that maybe Betty white maybe had. Fractures as well. They're like we gotta get rid of all its. Who knows what Betty white? That's that's your pick for the next one is Betty bitter. She's a treasure lodging and the accusations on saying, I wouldn't bet against it. But anyway, they've completely d Steve the entire wind complex other than than the fact that it is still called the win. Right. But as as we've noted his ex wife, Elaine Wynn who took his name, and then kept it. Right. That is true is now majority. I don't think already Cheryl, right? Like, I don't think she owns more than fifty percent. But she is the single largest shareholder. Okay. Okay. Right. And her last name is also win. Although maybe she also like this point. I don't know. It's like I think that they're going to just turn them into like Colonel Sanders type figure, you know, he wasn't real guy. But but I feel like what after St. wind dies. Maybe they'll bring him back as sort of like, a cartoon mascot, and he'll be a lovable low non-predatory. Ooh, I I would bet against. I don't think there's any any fixing. This Sanders is still around. As every story ever been stiffed teams run your time food critic sometime in like sometime around nineteen seventy seven or so took the actual Colonel Sanders into a KFC in midtown New York. This is after you know. He'd sold his, you know, sold the all his lane to to nationwide company at some point in fifteen years before so so he hadn't really been in direct. Yeah, wasn't really it was a it was a spokesperson, but he really wasn't involved with the restaurants. So she took him in. And they went back to the kitchen. He like read every yet. He was horrified and read everybody the riot act about what's he doing everything wrong. And and it's pretty I should see if I can find that show up. Good story..

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