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Yeah. I personally experienced it. We're like when I first started meditating. I like would stop to check Twitter. Yeah. Yeah. And like it anyway. So it's like, yeah. The the whole like like are we going to look back on that? And be like, oh my gosh. What were we thinking? Like, you can't just like exploit this in people. I think it's a long time coming, but it's a. Bay up that way, I think. Yeah. So that's why I'm out so sad that those are like not going to crop up that much more. I also found it. I don't know if you saw like the Jack Dorsey is the see of Twitter giving like a Ted talk. Or it was it was like a Ted discussion. I didn't see that though. It's just like I was like up late on Twitter. Of course. We'll talk about it being. And it's like he's just become his cartoon character relate like a cartoon character. He has like gone off the deep. And I think it's like any celebrity where like you get so much hate and in his case, it's like for good reason. And it's like he's entered like his own universe in order to deal with it. You know, we're like he's he does like I was I was kind of like it's like something that's too close to home where he does a lot of meditation. But he he talks about it in this really bizarre way. And like he like uses like fitness trackers than tweets about like his heart rate during meditation. And you know, it's like, I mean, those are interesting things that people do study. But it's like kind of not the point of meditating. And someone wrote up a really good thing where it's like there's kind of three they're like in a lot of Buddhist traditions. There's like thr- there's like the meditation, but there's also like Buddha Songa like Dharma Buddha's ongo. I think and like song is like your community. So like that's like one of the three pillars and like to meditate without carrying about your community. Like he just goes off on his own. Does this like you're missing this like he? I thought the point man later this keep connected with other people. Anyway, like, it's yeah. I it was a little close to home because I was like, oh like am. I a caricature to buy you, definitely not. I think we could safely. I don't show up like he was like a bushy beard at this point. It looks. Skullcap? Like, he just arrived from the frontier or something. Now, it's a lot play. Anyway, do you want your actually to you want your weekly dose of thoroughness? Oh, wow. That rhymes. Wow. And it's like, I just need a drop. Yeah. There is a nother. There's going to be a television series. I I did see that. Yeah. It's like Hulu commissioned it and it's going to star Kate McKinnon. I that's a really interesting. I'm very excited for this. And this is based on the podcast the dropout. Yeah. Yeah. It's it's called the drop out. I don't know if they put a title on it yet. It's probably too early for that. But. I'm looking forward to for its I'm trying. Yeah. It's like you're like, you're nobody now if you don't have a theranos paced television slash movie. Yeah. It's true. Yeah. We already do have FaceTime books. Yeah. Yeah. She's fascinating care. I mean, I it's just whatever I can't even I I got sucked in I'm still there some degree..

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