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On retiring anyway so the chain of, command was already being passed. Along at the time. Was. Being passed long ashamed. That a guy who. Put so much effort into this company didn't have time to. Enjoy his retirement life when it's all done That's Chrysler workers talking about CEO Sergio Mark Yoni dead on Wednesday morning at the age of sixty six dozens of people were rescued from a small island off of the upper peninsula NewsRadio nine. Fifty zero Huber with the story Marquette county sheriff Greg cyber says the group of thirty seven tourists including. Children and a dog were stranded on little presque isle about five miles, north of Barkat kind of. Shallow sandbar, that you're able to, walk it but what happened. Is, the wind changed and it started really blowing and probably three to five. Foot waves divers says the. Group was calling out for help and people on. Shore hurt them and called police he says with lake superior mother nature can change. Within minutes thankfully no one, was injured the her Hooper w w j. NewsRadio nine fifty maybe this is Dave Ross the CBS News Radio network presented by theraworx relief it, turns out that Putin has checked maybe on his invited to the White House he hasn't turned it down but he has an Accepted it either which is awkward but then inviting friends over is always awkward isn't it right I you have to decide what level of friend you wanna be you level one lunch friends level to backyard barbecue friends we're level. Three go on vacation together friends I. Sense Trump wants to be level three, except Putin doesn't play golf and. Trump, is to festivus to wrestle with tiger so nobody would have a. Good time but I think the real reason for Putin's reluctance is that he. Knows why he's being invited Mr. Trump wants, a do over. And we know how that goes to right at your first lunch with your new friend he stole the show he was funny he told great stories about his life as a spy and when the. Conversation turned to real estate you talked about your golf courses but he talked about a next thing large. Chunks of neighboring countries so your friend knows the reason you're inviting him, over to your house it's. To show, off and let's face, it the czar of Russia. Is, not going to allow himself to be upstaged by some random American which. May turn out to be, a blessing in disguise because the other problem with. Making new friends is what your old friends will think NATO already feel snubbed at. This point even if Trump's, showed up in Brussels With an apology and a nice bottle. Of wine they'd slammed the door and slap. A tariff on the wine.

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