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America as a target on its back and on this program we investigate the threats the people behind them the agency's fighting them and the impact on you this is target usa v national security podcast i'm jay jay green as you probably know by now north korea launched another missile on november twenty nine that missile was the wall song fifteen it's believed to be the most advanced missile today a missile that can certainly reach all of the united states and a missile that they hope some day to mate with nuclear weapons on this program we'll take a look at north korea's tactics what kind of tools they're working with what their plans might be what the deterrence might be what for us options might be and of course what the impact of all of this would be on the us burst to put all of this in the context is joe the tranny he was these special envoy from the us on north korea and participated in the negotiations with north korea he joins us now in the studio to talk about this embassador now use you've said several times during the course of our conversations about north korea and its nuclear program and its missile delivery and its missile program that it is indeed approaching the point where it's an existential threat to the us is that definite they've arrived at that point now did a particularly i think they need more time you usually would want to test reentry vehicle so it doesn't burn up what it comes back into the atmosphere having said that yeah i mean if they don't want to be meticulous and they're not being scientific about it i think they could made something to a delivery system that was just saw the hospital fifteen without reach i would think they would be more technical and more scientific in their approach certainly they don't want anything sort of untoward happening on their on their launchpad or on an unannounced you know an area that was not targeted in that's my next question accidents and mistakes are of great concern to correct that's the big concern.

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