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Again the Dow off forty five points NASDAQ up almost five New York becomes the first major city. To put a temporary cap on Uber lift and other rideshare, vehicles the city council. Approves a package of bills that Includes a one year moratorium on new licenses council, member Brad Lander says the skyrocketing growth of ride sharing apps has got to. Slow down five hundred, percent in, the last three years alone has made it. Impossible. For drivers to. Earn a living and feed their families. And the data on that is overwhelming opponents claim there will be longer wait times now for passengers and higher fares a smoky southern California. Wildfire is raging in mostly unoccupied land but crews are worried these flames could race toward foothill communities CBS John Baird. Tells us the fire churning through the Cleveland national forest south of Los Angeles is only about five percent contained fires being fought on the ground and from the. Air, because it's in terrain, at the top of a mountain. It's hard to get to they can't just drive a fire truck up there and start spraying water on. It they have to hit it from the air They have to get in there with, shovels and bulldozers and saws they need to cut line to keep this fire from advancing and slowly. But surely it's coming down the mountain there are currently about twenty wildfires burning in California this particular blaze no, homes face in immediate threat but some people are. Evacuating and they're doing so voluntarily the mayor of Nashville Tennessee is, announcing a comprehensive review. Of policing procedures as the state releases, video of a deadly police shooting in that community a white. Nashville police officer shot and killed a young black man during a traffic. Stop late last month authorities believe that during that stop the man was shot got out of the vehicle with a gun in his hand and the situation then escalated, and resulted in the officer. Of opening fire several times the officers is now on administrative leave as the investigation. Gets underway WBZ news time five twenty one Earlier this year came some revelations that some Samsung phones including the galaxy. S seven have a security flaw in the microchip that put tens of, millions of users at risk to hackers. Who want to spy on them now researchers who, figured out a, way to exploit that vulnerability are. Releasing their findings at a security conference going on in. Las Vegas did it, has offered a patch or a fix for this malware so as long as people update their phones they should be okay. If the general rule it's always a good idea to keep your phone and computer operating fifteenth up-to-date CBS, news tech analyst Larry Magid reporting, Samsung says there are no reported cases of the security flaw do have been exploited, to attack a galaxy f x seven university of North Carolina is revising. Textbook for a required fitness course that calls cancer a disease of choice and. Includes a theory asserting that holiday Cost victims failed attack into their inner strength the school's Chapel Hill campus telling the. Raleigh, news and observer newspaper revisions to the twenty first century fitness book began in the spring and cooperation with the publisher but UNC. Made no mention of a revision when the paper asked about the? Contents of the online book last month at, a young Idaho man is recovering after being, pinned beneath his truck for at least two days after it rolled into, a, ravine the, twenty one. Year, old sister. Discovered him, he had been partially ejected from the vehicle the man had no broken bones but was dehydrated rescuers were, able to free him by sticking airbags underneath the truck and inflating them to lift it he is now in fair condition other hazy hot four.

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