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We don't even know if you can get this again. So if you go out and knowingly allow athletes to be exposed, you might kill him. Starters. Um, we don't even know what the infection rate or exposure rate is before someone would even get her immunity for the measles. It was 94%. And we knew if that happened, you'd get at once. Immune to it way Don't you get a second or third time? I talked to that same doctor doctor who had it march and had a really, really bad You can't go upstairs without shortness of breath, and he doesn't know that split in it or not, he said. This thing runs through all your organs when you get it, so deal with it better than others. I didn't deal with it well with on the edge of being hospitalized, so to say, and I heard this I heard on radio shows or something you know, could cleanse and knowingly exposed these, But of course not. They didn't. I would never say they did. But if there's this mindset that it, Yeah, that it's happening now that there are gonna be immune. That is misguided because that's a micro population. We're talking about four to be a saying toe work in the general population, and we don't even know that yet. So Dennis Thie idea that that this is on the brink, and let's say it doesn't happen if there is no season. We know that school by school, that can mean very different things, not only for the football program other programs as well Conference by conference, this is This is very different. What happens if there is no season? What's the fallout? I don't need a nuclear winter. I'm convinced now that there will be programs that give up college athletics. There will be college is closed and look, we're talking about 1100 looking about 1100 schools. I'm not talking about Ohio State or USC, Ohio or Texas necessarily, but I think it will have such a profound Logic impacting you are already seeing in little ways. Every day, there's announced that somebody's getting something because football provides 80% of the athletic budget and even know an athletic budget maybe a count to 10%. Of any schools overall budget. It has a much more impact in marketing and branding and no attracting students to that college. I could be on here to the next half hour talking about what Nick's done for Alabama, so I think I call it the You know the new reset its a new reckoning of college athletics, which we're going to see either way. What are we for sport months down the line, and we're at this point that everything's going to change. A lot of things are going to change that. There's no ball. A and I don't know. I don't. Frankly, I don't know why we needed India because if we don't have any ball, we're going to have a tournament for the second straight year. That's in March and were less than 8.5. So I don't know what's going to look like anything like it is now. If there is spring football if they played in the spring, Tio what level does that save all of this? I don't get it, They'll get a percentage of the money. They would have gotten, um, head. They played a normal season. I don't know what that number is, but I think one of the biggest issues now is that there's gonna have to be a discussion between the conferences. And the TV rights holders as to what they're going to get, because it's not going to be the same. You have to remember all the dates or caused out advanced Thursday night Games game planes on Saturday Axon exposure. Look, they're gonna look like in the bottom line for ESPN or any network that has football. Well, you're in the spring going up against you know if you're going to play an H l n b a golf, uh, baseball. You know, For starters, you're going tohave going up against parading should be fighting for Angel. I know that's how scraps right now. But all those those contracts in those payouts and have to be re negotiated less, uh, for what they were getting in Atlanta economic impact. Dennis. Wonderful to have you. I know there were. That wasn't a very rosy picture, but it's but it's a real one. And thank you for paid that man. I appreciate your time. Optimistic. I appreciate a month. Yeah, well, I mean, what's really is what's really, But thanks very much. Dennis Dodd, CBS joining us this afternoon with the latest on on college sports college football, namely, Look all of this stuff. The message I continue to have is September September. I know there are planning items that need to be in place. So if it needs to be moved, I totally get it And we're at a very concerning time right now. With regard to the spike, But that said, I have no idea what's happening in in September October beyond if we get to the point, though. Where these universities were looking at it and they're going We just can't. We can't do this. We can't do this in good conscience. Or health officials are telling us to bad. Political leaders. Air saying No, can't do it. Well, why not in the spring? Why not? I mean, Larry Scott, commissioner of the Pac 12 couple of days ago, called it a last resort. But as I said last night, last resorts a heck of a lot better than no resort at all. So There's that but on the other side to it, while I hope that college football holds onto the fall possibilities as long as they're there, they are dwindling, but as long as they're there Hang on to him. But if not what is so bad about the spring? College football together for spring practices in spring games already, anyway, Um and I keep looking at sports like this, And I wonder if if.

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