Platt, Donald Trump, David Fromm discussed on The Majority Report with Sam Seder


Getting into the the oldest bring to the party they can shut it down see what the major tell me wonder platt what you platforming you giving david from credibility what is that gonna do to to stop this threat because he's written a book his book trump up front bacher see a conservative book and from that perspective and is criticizing donald trump from that perspective and i think there are many so he should eric erickson show but but i wanna throw the damn by i wanna get the head of office and the more people that say you know i'm a conservative because somebody people in this country are brainwashed into being a member of whatever party they're a member of or you know if i'm sorry how many conservatives listen to your show and i have no idea i mean i think i think what happens is there's a far more liberals who see that you're you're okay david fromm and now david fromm becomes a liberal hero i mean i sat on msnbc and they've done the same thing they've platform to all these never trumpers who are former republicans and when john bulletin name come up the only half the the people they have access to all basically say well you know he's a fairly reasonable guy because because now this is this is how like this is how we all get him nesia this is how we don't hold anybody to account this is this is this is the functional quivalent of george w bush becoming now you know.

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