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Think they suggest that at the genius bar doing 7 17 will get to extremely local news from Black Club Chicago. Next, Let's update the traffic in a minute here first the weather It's going to be nice little cooler by the lake. What's the latest? Steve? That's it In a nutshell. Maybe 74 today 70 along the lakefront Thanks to a nice Northeast wind at 5 to 10 MPH, maybe a few gusts up to 20. Mix of clouds and sunshine. Clear overnight tonight 57 for low mainly sunny Tomorrow The attempt starts inching up a little bit and more humidity comes in behind your 87. Then on Sunday sunshine and 90 some clouds and sunshine on Monday. More humid, slight chance of showers. And the high near 89 Remember earlier this week when the dew point was up above 60 like close to 70. It's 56 this morning. That's why it feels nice and cool outside this morning. 61 is the official reading Eto here with sunshine. The Milwaukee Bucks have the edge over the Atlanta Hawks to beat the Phoenix Suns in the NBA Finals. Milwaukee took Game five leading start to finish jumping out to a 20 point lead and 1 23 1 12 win over Atlanta. Both teams played without their stars. Yeah, honest for the Bucks. Trae Young for the Hawks, the status of both remains uncertain. For Game six. Tomorrow traffics brought to you by town Stone Financial. We have a new crash on the inbound side of the Dan Brian at 51st. Things got so bad across the board on your expressways. It's about a half an hour on the inbound, Dan rather inbound Kennedy.

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