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To have him on and be like. Let's go deep about this stuff that you wrote about. What did you learn when you were interviewing pat patterson or whatever it was and i was like. Yeah i love this. And i know that i would love if there is a show like this so it was always my approach. Doing what was then. Sam roberts wrestling podcast. That's why i put no sort of pressure on myself to come up with a flashy name or you know. Come up with some kind of i dunno industry jargon term that i could twist into a into the you know turnbuckle bump or something. I don't know i just wanted to do a wrestling. Podcast that was hosted by me. So that's where the title came from. Believe it or not But to watch it grow. And even then i was like people thought i was late coming to the podcast game when i started three hundred and fifty weeks ago watching wrestling podcast change and evolve and grow and build and bill to the point. Where it's like wrestling. Podcasts are one of the biggest genres in podcast. You got comedy podcast. Co cabana had a ton to do with that by the way because cococabana is the one that took the what what comedy podcasts were. Doing which was for a long time. It was his mark man. It was comedian talking to another comedian and that format just exploded and coca ban is the one that said what if it was a wrestler talking to another wrestler that opened the floodgates. I feel like that was. That was a huge step forward. But i had no idea where it was going to go. I had no idea any there was no business plan behind it. I wasn't it. I didn't make any money. I mean i'm still like it could never be my primary source of income. Because it's not i don't know i just don't look at it that way. I look at it as something that i feel still to this day. Very lucky to do and something that i like that it's out there and you know i feel really lucky and fortunate that so many of you guys have ridden with me. Through every incarnation of this podcast. When it was just me sitting in my living room my one bedroom apartment alone trying to work things out. You know riding through the linen doll years of just. I mean so much great stuff coming out of that. You know the the seeing the podcast evolved to the point that it was not as interview focused anymore more opinion based the live events that we've done and getting to this place where i'm at now where i've told you you know that i'm planning on having an interview every other week. Know coming out of cova digest. I look at the wrestling. Podcast not him wrestling this podcast differently. You know i. I'm for whatever reason. I feel refreshed and i. I'm starting to feel like. I fell when i first started doing the podcast where it's like. It's time for me to go back to taking advantage of having the opportunity to talk to people who are passionate about this thing that i'm passionate about as well professional wrestling but talk to people that that live it and breathe. It talked to people that are in the ring. Talk to people that are doing their thing and and maybe even expose them to a new audience if anything just selfishly take advantage of the fact that i'm gonna get to sit down with them for an hour and pick their brain you know. And that's where somebody like know. An and i think some of the stuff that i did over cove it you know. It was making me rethink of the dan housing interview. It's the it's the a lot of independent talent was making me rethink things but the interview with with alli catch that. We did a few weeks ago. I loved so much. The interview with nick gage that we did two weeks ago. I loved that so much. We're going to have another great long form in studio interview on next week. Show and that's going to be something that continues here on the podcast. You know i'm gonna try. I'm trying to figure out a schedule in my mind. I'd like after every pay per view to be able to offer you a pay per view recap show and in order to do a proper pay per view recap show. I think it's weird to do an interview and the pay per view recaps. I'm trying to do every other week. Topic interview interview. But i might have to double up on one or the other just to keep in line with those Post pay per view shows. Which i think are important. But that's where my mind's at right. Now i'm just you know i feel like at episode three fifty here. We've we've planted the seeds over last month or so and the podcast is once again evolving and moving into a new direction. And i'm really excited to be in a spot where depending on the week. It's either about analysis that some of you love current product analysis. Mix with kind of that overarching old school thing. Whether it's you know talking about best fan moments ever whether it's talking about the best promos from last week which we'll get into some of the emails. I got or this week when we're going over this tag team list. That is going to bring us into a conversation. I'll have a guest on mike. Mansehra will be back to talk about the tag teams but to have that.

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