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Injustice on campus all inclusive hosts honest discussions. That will lead to a more innovative future. Which is i think what we're all looking for greater creativity and more problem solving so keep learning and keep contributing listen and subscribe to all inclusive wherever you're listening now. At each american airlines flight seventy seven took off from dulles international airport outside of washington. Dc the boeing. Seven fifty seven was headed to los angeles like the other two flights. Sarah just talked about with sixty four people on board to pilots four flight attendants fifty eight passengers including three elementary school. Children selected for a trip hosted by national geographic. All five of these hijackers were flagged by security for extra scrutiny for one reason or another including that one of them didn't have a photo. Id and agents found them to be suspicious. The only consequence of being flagged for this extra scrutiny ended up being that they're checked bags were held off the plane until it was confirmed that they had boarded three of the hijackers set off metal detectors and had extra screening before boarding the plane. The screeners didn't resolve. What set off the alarms and allowed the hijackers to board the plane anyway and this seems unthinkable today and the reason that it seems unthinkable today is because we have all been flying in recent years in a post nine eleven world and i think this is one moment to kind of flag as a way in which our our everyday lives substantially changed after nine eleven when you read about the way security was conducted. Then it's just unimaginable compared to what we do now. The five hijackers boarded the plane at seven. Fifty a m two of them set in coach in three and first class. The plane was scheduled to depart at eight ten took off at eight twenty and reached its cruising altitude at eight forty six. Okay so this plane takes off at eight twenty at eight twenty four. The lead hijacker on flight. Eleven makes the first of two accidental transmissions. Now i also read that. There is some theory that the pilot before. I'm assuming they either attacked him or killed him. Press a button so that the transmissions would go to ground control before he was forced from the cockpit or there's some understanding that maybe he was trying to communicate to the plane's cabin but either way the made the first of two accidental transmissions. Now what is insane to me that i learned about it this time. Is that the pilot of flight. One seventy five heard these accidental transmissions. I think tried to communicate air control that there was a plane. Being hijacked minutes before his own plane was hijacked eight thirty seven. Boston air traffic control based on the calls from the flight attendants alerts the north american aerospace defense command norad northeast air defense sector. So that's just the sector that defends the northeast about the suspected hijacking flight. Eleven in response needs scrambles to fighter planes located at cape cod oldest air national guard base to locate entail flight eleven. They are not yet in the air when flight eleven crashes into north tower and there is some really intense audio of people thinking. Is this a test. No it's not a test. It's not a drill. This is real and the problem was that once. They said tail flight eleven. The hijackers had turned off the transponder. And that was a really easy thing to do is still assuming i'm assuming an easy thing to do from a cockpit because they have to turn them off when they're landed or else they wouldn't it would be a chaos of trainspotting with all the planes landed at especially big airports so he turned off the transponder so they couldn't find couldn't tell the fighter planes where to go to jail flight eleven also as you go through all of the agencies responses to this the idea of commercial flight being weaponized in this way was just new. They just weren't prepared for this at all so a few minutes after that alert to norad. United airlines flight. Ninety three a boeing. Seven fifty seven with forty four people including the hijackers on board took off from newark international airport in new jersey and route to san francisco. This flight was supposed to have departed at eight o'clock about the same time as the other three planes. It had forty eight thousand seven hundred pounds of fuel onboard so much more jet fuel than the other three planes. I think it's i think it's so important emphasized that because this plane being late being the one carrying the most jet fuel and being the one in theory headed for washington. Dc had thanks played out differently. The events of nine eleven. I it would have been. I think almost incomprehensibly more tragic four hijackers boarded this flight. There was likely supposed to be a fifth hijacker. The three other planes had teams of five but one individual in august had been prevented from emigrating to the united states by an agent in florida. Who the nine eleven commission believes was supposed to be the fifth team member for this flight so only four hijackers on this plane. One of them had been selected for extra scrutiny. By the computerized system that flagged passengers. At the time the security area lacked closed circuit television monitoring. So we don't know exactly what happened in their screening process and no one was interviewed remembered. Anything suspicious so at this time each individual airline was responsible for security screening and united had contracted that out. And i'm sure lots of other airlines did as well and so there were vastly different procedures in place in monitoring of those procedures. The four hijackers all set in first class one right by the cockpit to together in row three and one in rose six. The flight didn't actually depart until eight. Forty two so forty two minutes late to pilot's five flight attendants and thirty seven passengers were on this plane. That was well below the normal passenger count for a flight like this at the time. There has not been any evidence that the hijackers deliberately sought out smaller flights or bought extra seats to facilitate their plans. And sarah. And i were talking before you can imagine so many different scenarios at every turn. is you. Examine these facts so think as we talk about united flight ninety three about what the ramifications could have been if the flight had been full when the plane took off the crew was unaware that american eleven had been hijacked just before eight twenty five boston or realized that a hijacker on american eleven had used the phrase quote. We have some planes but no one at the faa or the airlines had ever dealt with multiple hijackings and people were just struggling to get their heads around what was happening. It doesn't seem to immediately occurred to anyone that they needed to alert other.

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