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You. I appreciate the time is always guys. Thank you. Stay safe. All right. There it is right out of he's getting ready to step in front of the cameras. You're going to be seeing Keith Farrell on the five o'clock news here momentarily, so He taking a couple of minutes to come out with us before he goes in front of the game. I love Keith. He's a great, honorable man. But you can tell there's a lot more that he just can't express right now. Yeah, and that's the situation that I was frustrated. I was telling you about earlier. He gives us all he can and takes it right up to where and I am grateful for that. Absolutely. I understand. It's a political landscape know they've got to navigate in there. And that's where we're at. So key. Thank you very much. Once again. Traffic and weather together from temp start heating and cooling products. Johnny Hill New Accident scene on to 70 North Fallon just before the 6 70 US 62 exit looks like Hannah police on the left and right berms at the moment, But I just showed up as well. Stay avoid of both far left and right lanes, especially can but they're all open for the time being. Accident on West Broad and Lechner west of I 70 over the hilltop traffic sponsored by buyers Chevrolet. It's truck and SUV season, a buyer Chevrolet with thousands of dollars in rebates available. 567 even up to $10,000 off MSRP E. On their huge selection of SUVs and trucks, find new roads and buyers chevy dot com And yet all the details of this sale Buyer Chevrolet Nobody sells Chevys for less. Traffic and weather together Powered by Tim Star in Classic Air. Bon, Johnny Hilla NewsRadio 16 w TVs, You know, I'm looking on socials. I just got this. Thank you. Sorry. You know this is such bs all summer..

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