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Enjoying the view eating your famous cream cake. Oh the claims nita. Of course you have to the cream cake. That's nice cream cake. That goes back to like grandma's famous. One actually goes back to tito's the does and he was the one who introduced it because he wanted to serve it to the people who came on official visit. He didn't want to repeat. After the brits tito was like famously the the most yugoslavian person the one person that could rive above all the little differences in this country of eight or ten ethnic regions together and He the communist ruler that brought yugoslavia. Together he has a former mansion on the lake so he must have enjoyed lake bled. He really enjoyed it because he was an avid hunter. So there's a lot of forest solo around and he always came just because he enjoyed also being in the company of many slovenians. He liked to brag a little bit. About how well he's doing with the beauty of leg. It was just a commonplace to bring his visitors over there and see they like slovenian. He really liked slovenians here because I would say of all the former republics that were belonging to yugoslavia. We were the ones who were very much in character. Like germanic very hard working very punctual and he liked that so that was set expecting obedient. Because you were more dramatic. Yeah we're really and we many people who come to slovenia say. Oh my god. This is like germany austria or switzerland. Austria bet speaking slavic language. ano- mozart. Yeah that's right. I think we're a bit more children. The austrians but how we talk about that. It's a little bit of rivalry over there. Okay well you know. Salzburg in louisiana are just like sister cities quite easy to visit from each other. This is travel with steve for talking about nature in slovenia and we're joined by tour guides. Tina hiti social groups our phone number eight seven seven three three three seven four to five and martinez calling in from atlanta martina. Thanks for the call high rak. I'm so glad to speak with you. I spoke with tina actually before i Trip to slovenia. I guess about a year ago and we talked about driving into the julian alps. I loved the mountains. It didn't go as planned but Something else really. Fun happened I heard you speak about Like bullying and of course we saw like blood but we sort stumbled upon like bohemian. And i loved it because it didn't feel as touristy as like black like blood was great. We did the boats. We hung out at a Dock and swam but it was really really crowded Like bohemian was not. It was felt unspoiled. We were on a beach Rocky beach and Maybe there were five or six groups picnicking but it was really felt like it ours to explore and we also stumbled upon cable car. I always liked getting high. This cable car vogel cable car was called took us way up to the top mountain and again just gorgeous views. We hung around up at the top and then just hiked down and i mean i was really unexpected and so beautiful you know martinez just so our listeners. Know for sure we're talking about lick bohemian. And that's b. o. h. i. n. j. Is that right. Tina boeing and there's two famous lakes lake bled be led The past tense of bleed and that would be world. Chris are and then like bowen. It feels to me like a national park where there's very little commerce. It's and people in enjoying the the natural setting. It sounds like martina you enjoyed just hanging out at the lake. I really really did. It was just pristine and as you say not as touristed as like blad. Although like blad marks. I mean you got gotta see that but i think you're right lick bohannon kind of caps it off. Thanks for your call. Martina sure we're looking at metro attractions of slovenia right now on travel with rick. Our guides are kina heat and sochaux ghulam. They're based in lake bled region of the country in the foothills of the. That's where there's a thousand year old kessel hanging off a cliff in a baroque church on a little island. That's a favorite for taking wedding photographs. Sasha when pena's website is p g dash slovenia dot com where. Pg stands for private guide to you know when we think about nature just always think of of people in slavic europe enjoying hiking picking wildflowers and harvesting mushrooms and You know mountain. Might you find in slovenia that way. Yeah if you're going to slovenia it depends a little bit on season. What month of the year. You're coming so early. Spring starts picking up the flowers. This is what locals do all the time and we drive them and we use them for teas and usually that procedure goes from about early april till the end of july. That's for the mountain flowers then usually all of september. It's the mushroom picking season and this is something that it's just insane if you don't know about it because there's family members that are actually competing. Among each other. How many pechiney mushrooms. They took from the forests. We don't have real limits yet but it's an incredible experience. You know when you and walk through the forest and then so this is the family excursions. Yeah we go with with we go all of us my mom my dad the boys us stew and we all just spread around the forest and then we kind of compete who picks up the most. And there's like we did blackberry picking my family but we never did much and there's no better thing than you see that head of porcinis stick out of the leafs. It's just such a nice feeling. When you hit you would just scream out your lungs and say i got it. I got it described. Are you in a forced. We're wearing the forest. So you know pechiney serb brownish. So they're like the leafs and is very hard to see them. they're very camouflage. Second game for a treasure hunt almost. Yeah and they grow the by the roots but still dolittle had is sticking out so if you have good is you see it. Usually you bring in a little stick because it's easier to kind of fun cover the leaves around and it's also very important to know what is good and what is a bad mushroom because if you don't know what you're picking you can literally kill somebody because you can poison them. You have to be careful with your children. Yeah absolutely they. They always ask. Is this the right one. They they went they got. They founded their kids and they always ask just in case. Just what are your memories of mushrooms and earn mountain flowers. I have very limited memory about finding mushrooms because they'd actually find any. My boys are way. More successful at With herbs has the expert. So i just pick whatever she tells me to pick because it's it's a science on its own as well you know. We have to know what to pick and went to pick it. It's being out being to the family is the famous. Yeah yeah and then you bring something home which was then a of a nice walk in the forest in the winter out and the poorest with you know if you're in the julian alps martinez who called earlier. Talking about the julian alps you can stumble on a lot of world war one history up there that is the so social front was in the julian. Explain what what was. The search francis is a conflict between italy and the author. Hungarian empire the goal of italy's to conquer sling conquer vienna but because of their way of command they got stuck high up in slovenian apps. So it still considered as one of the biggest modern battles in human history We have hemingway writing a farewell to arms about air well to arms by hemingway was set on the search of yes he was an ambulance driver was an ambulance driver for the italian military. Okay was wounded but the it is set in our area. The village in world war one. We're talking nineteen sixteen or something. You've got people up on top of the mountain living in the living in the rock way air. It's like you had the western front where they dug trenches here. You've got desperate. People parked out on rocks on top of mountains in desperate call the highest the highest peak that they were fighting on his two thousand two hundred and forty four meters above sea level. That would be two thousand two hundred seven thousand over seven thousand feet and plenty high nine meters of snow in the winter. Nineteen sixteen is still considered as the worst winter regarding the amount of snow. We got in recorded history so it and finally when you're in slovenia there is a lot of mountains but there's also a lot of caves. What what might you see in caves. Tina when you're in slovenia we say that in our car. Strean cars k. a. r. s. k. a. r. s. t. Yes our car. Street is so rich with underground world that you see more under the ground up the ground. There's over ten thousand cave. you can see stalagmites. Delegates stalagmites are those that go from the ground than stalactites from the from the ceiling. Right when they joined together. It's a column and they are just wonderful. They are beautiful. These are massive caves caves in slovenia. That are like yeah. There's biggest stadium. He's got these rivers way down below little walkways way above the distance. You see a portal and the latest pouring in s. And you feel like you're you're a bit player in some sci-fi movie. I it almost feels like that. And then when you see some of the animals that live in those caves the human fish which is considered as the little dragon The human fish human fish here. I've never be a little bit. It's a human fish because of the color of the skin and it casts like legs and arms sticking out of the body. but it's like a gecko okay. And he's a creature creature that lives inside of the cave and above all of that Honeycombed subterranean you've got vineyard since very trendy wine. We do have some really good wine in our country. There's a lot to see in slovenia. This is travel with rick. Steves who've been talking with tina haiti and sochaux gulu. Let's finish our discussion of natural slovenia just with one special natural experience that you'd think anybody planning a trip to your homeland would want to be sure to enjoy. I'm going to say hike. Indigent for people who are fit willing to invest a certain amount of their time into just this phenomenon abuse of i would say a hike in the judean julian up and tina and i would probably choose well same. Sasha julian alps. But since i want to go into another zone goodish kebir. That adia is amazing. That's very close to cars and it's an area that has rolling hills. Looks like skinny. Beautiful nature amazing food and amazing wine. Let's make sure people know garesh cody's but the g. o. r. s. k. A. and b. are now you have to have a vowel and this is b. r. d. a. and two syllables. Where's the bowel. Tend to be a little easier with your greasy bird and it's It's it's just a beautiful. It's also another winegrowing. Regions increases a beekeeping region. It's just it's beautiful. You've got everything. You're looking for richard. And you've got your wind and you got your beautiful slovenian countryside Can we finish just with teach me a a a phrase or a slovenian word that i should know what i'm hiking in those mountains sir. You always absolutely have to greet people on the threes. So i would say dober- don john's good afternoon afraid student. I'm good day. Good after done and tina and when you will be resting in an alpine hut you'll probably have some schnaps to know how to say cheers not that Like the nasdaq via the same. Russian similar similar nostra. Yes and don't forget to look into people's eyes when you toast with them because you can make it a little bit Melodramatic nesterov yeah. You can yeah ok. Does that.

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