California, Houston, Phil Schiller discussed on Sean Hannity


And business news Joe McConnell NBC news radio Joe Biden is on the verge of officially securing the democratic nomination for president correspondent bills Infor has the latest although it's a foregone conclusion Joe Biden is nearing the threshold needed to secure the nomination after Tuesday's round of primaries in seven states and the district of Columbia Biden was nearing the nineteen hundred ninety one delegates needed for the nomination with votes still being counted in some states Bernie Sanders is of course still on the democratic ballot and took as much as twenty nine percent of the vote in some states bills emperor NBC news radio in a resurfaced video in hello magazine Meghan Markle speaks openly and honestly about her personal experience with racism before marrying prince Harry she was in a campaign called I won't stand for racism in twenty twelve in the video she explains what it was like growing up biracial in Los Angeles and the racism she and her mother faced the attorneys for convicted killer Scott Peterson won his death sentence overturned during a virtual hearing before the California Supreme Court Tuesday attorneys for the former Modesto fertilizer salesman argued that media coverage tainted the jury an attorney for the prosecution argued the case was very clear there is no contention in this exact one Evans was legally insufficient because it wasn't the court will return a judgment soon Peterson has been on California's death row at San Quentin prison since two thousand five after being found guilty for the two thousand four murder of his wife laci Peterson and their unborn son Phil Schiller NBC news radio Houston Texans head coach bill o'brien is praising the peaceful protests following the police involved death of.

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