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They filled the atrium of the Senate Hart building. They had first protest it outside the Supreme Court after marching from the federal appeals court where cabin I've spent the last 12 years. There you go, so there's a little bit of liberty. Go on everybody's face this morning. I guess you could look at all kinds of directions and point fingers, and it's not going to do us much good anywhere we look That's for sure. And and But I do have to say at least in those protests. You're not talking about damage, physical damage being done. You're not talking about lives being put in danger in that case. But yeah, there stood nonetheless, There's hypocrisy there. Listen, A handful of Trump Administration officials are resigning from their position after a day of well after that insurrection yesterday, these these seen old associates they're stepping down lot of people now openly splitting with President Trump, including his former chief of staff and his special envoy. Northern Ireland, Mick Mulvaney, who submitted his resignation yesterday as a result of what was going on Mulvaney talking about it more on CNBC this morning. I can't see Can't do it. I can't stay. It's it's a nothing thing it doesn't affect the outcome doesn't affect the transition, but it's It's what I've got right and that's a position. I really enjoy doing. What you can't do it. You could also add to the resignations the deputy national security advisor Matt Pottenger, though he had been planning to leave for some time. There you go. My command your while reporting. Also resigning from their post are the first lady Melania Trump's chief of staff, Stephanie Grisham and White House social secretary and Regina out as well, they were. They were going to be going in a few days. That's right. They're just gonna take a little longer. But Kate just go and take their vacation in these early, But I have to say this again because we're seeing a lot of this and social media and everywhere that where people or blamed putting 100% What happened yesterday on Donald Trump. And I think you're being incredibly lazy. If you do that, and you're refusing really, Tomo to use your brain on that? Yeah, He plays a part here, but it no pardon. No point yesterday. Did I hear him? Say it. Now go to the capital and tear crap up. He never did He never. And that was not his intention. Of course. It was not his intention March on the Capitol. Yeah, He definitely encourage people to do that. But that's where it began began and and ended. Right there text are asking. This is a question for both of us at what point is violence warranted? At what point when you rise up, tied and done. Violence is warranted. If I'm trying to protect my own life for your loved one's life than violence is warranted. Yeah, that's what that's what. I don't know how to answer that clad. I'll let you know when we get there. None of that was warranted yesterday. Now there's nothing that productive ever comes from that yesterday. That's not how it's not. It's not. How it's done. Appreciate the passion, but that's not how it's done. What's your e mail again? What would you suggest us right here? You know, people ask my no. No. And no, There's not gonna be any any scenario where I'm going to condone tearing up. The public's property right there. The public house right there. The nation's house. I'm never There's no scenario there where I'm gonna go. Yeah. Way to go. Way to go. They blew it. You blew it and democracy One don't know you start manipulating the second amendments to the First Amendment. You start messing with the Constitution. Just stick with words. Stick with words. That's what works. Ultimately, that's what provides. No, no, no, no, they start manipulating the second Amendment. That's not good. I understand, but it doesn't mean therefore go break windows and destroyed property and loot. Come with that. That's not what that that is supposed to lead to. I think one or 2% of the audience is disagreeing with you right now. Really jump in here at 512 could not be more wrong. No, you don't mean that. I didn't say that. I'll tell you what the text is saying. No, no, you just said you think 100% of the audience disagrees with that You're yourself Start manipulating with the First Amendment and the second Amendment to the way the Biden Harris administration has been threatening..

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