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Varsha parts. Mixed martial arts have things. They're let the singing in the anime chance. Commence ladies and gentlemen because we have a lot of it tomorrow. The ufc and ballatore both had events with a lot of fights on both cards. Luckily the ballot or car lost a couple today so we have twenty six total fights to look forward to tomorrow. Ufc mega thirty seven. Fourteen of these fights are going to happen. That once headlined by anthony smith versus robin span while bella tour returns to san jose their home base for bella tour to sixty six headlined by another light-heavyweight bout between former champ phil davis welcoming the soldier of god. You'll romero to the ballot or cage. Welcome you to our live preview. Show getting you ready for this double header events. I am mike and we have a full crew here first off. We have your alexander. Kaley who loves being loved are good eight fight main card as much as the next person you're not. It's i believe it's only six fights. But i wish it was eight mike. I mean in a perfect world that would be eight and let me just say. I am so happy that i am the only beloved canadian that you guys have on these shows. It really means a lot to me that you'd never have any other canadians on here. So i'm just excited. Let's let's keep it that way forever. Right guys one canadian. I like it. You have only one canadian. Thank goodness it is six eight yesterday. I don't know what it was going to change it around. 'cause we lost one member fights but it was a yesterday and i was like ak is love and that's very now we got casey line on the ones and twos the bad sash in the media space. Good day to you. Mr casey lion. How are you wonderful doing wonderful. It's great having one canadian on the show. It's just great wonderful. It's it's great. It's great and there's no one else here right. No one else on the show correct. Actually there is what my demand back on turkey. One hundred thirty five pounds in the world one of the best singers in the world not just in fighting and i still don't understand why her phone hasn't been ringing not just for the world but maybe to get on american idol or something. But that's good news for us. Because sarah kaufman joins us shikoku and saturday face punching. Sarah are you angry guy. You guys do well. I think we're doing well. Yes we're doing much better now that you are here to keep us all online but we have a lot. We have a lot to discuss where we started. I thought i didn't know guns. We're thinking canada because apparently sarah kaufman. Can i see double-barreled. Ooh good green. I work out. yeah western. Western canada's a lawless land. I don't know what's going on out there. We have a lot to discuss. We have a lot of a lot of them. May look forward to and we're going to start with the ufc and we're going to start their special guest. Sarah because sarah anthony smith is back in action tomorrow takes on ryan span in the main event of vegas thirty-seven lionheart has made this walk fifty one times already throughout his professional career very few in the sport have experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows quite like anthony smith. That's a man who's seen it all ryan span set to make his seventh. ufc appearance. I main events both guys coming off of impressive. Finishes what sticks out to you in this main event tomorrow between anthony smith and ryan spam. Yeah i mean. I think those two losses for smith the two bad ones where you know every si- like he's handing his tooth to someone else saying look at my to do come back from that. Had the past two with devin. Clark jimmy crew. I mean the that leg kick was like super kind of crazy in how the finish went in. He just stayed calm. Stayed with it and was able to to capitalize on that and then get the finish at the end of that first round. I hope that we see that of calm. Collected focused as smith again Ryan fan when he comes in he. He definitely that extra length that he has. He has so much power. But i think the overcommit sometimes I see even though i would see that span izzy vantage in the wrestling. I could see Trying to get the spike to the ground and get a finishing submission k. Spin i mean look he seems like the the up and comer against the but spans been around for awhile. He's thirties. twenty-five pro fights. Trains at forty seven may one of the best teams in the world and the ufc. Obviously something in him to give him a headline spot here. It's experience versus the hungry up and comer looking to take that next step in the ufc's light-heavyweight division. So i'm curious like in your eyes. How much does smith smits. Overall experience matter in a matchup like this. I think matters a lot. But i am. I am favoring him. I do his skill set but it certainly matters a lot like i've gotten into the bad habit of picking against anthony smith. I started taking for granted. He's obviously still a experienced. Grew a skilled fighter. Really tough i think jimmy crew would have beat him. It was a competitor fight up until the the the unfortunate injury happened jimmy crew i still think crew would have pulled that one out but but clearly it didn't look like oh he's while he's blowing anthony smith out. If that that injury hadn't happened he he obviously would've won. That was competitive. Fight dem. Clark you know another first transmission winfrey anthony spent so he's almost like in that derek brunson mold except for the fact that he he got a title shot where he's losing two other contenders and top guys thousands of rockets clover and of course jon jones but other people have not kind of manage to take his spot so he has this so from a mental aspect. He kind of knows like i. I'm still the top ten guy. I'm still this elite guy. He doesn't see guys like a. Ryan span as I mean he certainly sees his threats he started takes them seriously but i don't think any part of him that's intimidated. He said as much kind of interviews recently that ryan sort of over the top kind of proclamations and how he built up the fight. We're just like confusing to him. He does like. I don't know why this guy is coming at me so hard like this. It's not gonna work on me. I've been in over fifty. But the experience matters i mean for me that is that is smith's greatest gift i think A skilled as he is i do. That's what could make a difference. He'd be wins the way i'm leaning as i said more in spanish direction but yet you can't discount a guy who has been incredibly tough battles with better competition than ryan spanish phase. So far casey right now. According to our friends at decayed nation anthony smith.

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