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Change. they do they chase. Oh again so again. So so so so so again. Support argument and the relationship to a full metal jacket with all your guards up so especially if there's no of course my god is still going to let all your guards are willy nilly. No guards got to stay up. He got the proved that you know he is. I need to have all my guards now. He might be my would no. No men might listen. Negative negative way to even approach the conversation. These men what i'm saying. Wow why are we gotta be. These needs to change the tonal. When you say you say when you save these men they are. There are men who who make their job to live. This way to women are stroke. String them along with no with no intention attention to anything else. There are men out there like a lot of courage each other eighty five percent of them though whatever clothes while i don't think that there are they make it seem like now. Eighty five percent of these. The small percentage of them are making their rounds okay. Small percentage. That's good we're good term. The the small percentage that you think is out there they make it seem like. It's a lot as many single women as there is out here i think it is a large percentage of men who have this thing of no commitment that they're on our way or whatever the case is it's not to say that they're a bad person they can be a great father and it done. But you're still doing things acting in a way that is not conducive to build leaning meaning. There's a lot of women out here who are suffering from it and then in turn gives you back the trauma and and aggravation and koelner ability that they let somebody else get and it keeps happening to them because they they just keep meetings. I i get your point so everybody just wants to problem. Okay so i support -tracting that i could just be. Dc homeless. i. I get your point and get your resistance kitchen. I get out. Excuse me. I the many bad guys out there about more and more women receiving these these these attractive from my mind but my whole thing is this so what makes sense so so sense. So are you saying that. Eighty five percent of men. You described them. That's that's men. Eighty percent eighty five percent of women. Meeting these eighty. You saying you saying eight and a half men outta ten on behaving like this. I totally disagree totally. I took party bob urine. You would be with me and that fifteen percent of men at the moment at the moment at the moment like the age now privacy. Now you know what. It is. Cine bobby if i was in a relationship which you right now and i heard you right here on this show humanity and then we're gonna move if if i was if i was in a relationship with you right now and i heard you say this being a minute relationship at the moment i would sit back on the same me. This is a whole different world right now. I would sit there. And i would probably have that conversation with you later on today about how you really feel on the eighty five percents. I was sitting. If i'm currently and relationship which you so so so at the end of the show we role play and you come home. Or whatever we see a lo- you always see each other at the end of the day with him and i go. Wow honey the show. Today i heard this show today and man you over there cosign and with the other young lady about how you feel about these men these men and why the hell sitting here with you that was spark a whole i feel i would feel like why are we even together if you have. If he wasn't doing the right thing if then he wouldn't even have to bring it up then if he no he has he's not in eighty five percents majority johnny minardi situation. Then he would have to worry about it. Okay we secure sean..

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