Buchanan, Camry, Fire Department discussed on Mark Levin


Just west of buchanan's rita whiteboard pickup truck in a blue under carb are on the right hand shoulder an accident with possible injuries eastbound eighty just east of midway wrote a black nissan mirando when across all lanes of traffic and forty foot off the roadway in a ditch a crash southbound one one just north of paradise a chevy with brennan damage it a black toyota camry both on the right in shoulder an accident eight eighty southbound before wynton avenue still being cleared that's now on the shoulder police and fire department still on the scene northbound six just north of seven eighty about two hundred fifty pete there's a box in the middle lane that disabled vehicle northbound six 82 the westbound 24 connector repulsed truck blocking the slow lane porsche icago highway on ramp eastbound four chip running a traffic break there to fill potholes report of a fire southbound 87 just north of all of that expressway that's a grass fire a disabled vehicle oakland eight eighty southbound before fifth avenue that's blocking the right lane and a disabled vehicle ninety two westbound before the high rise blocking the right lane with ksm fo traffic on boatrace building we've once again made contact with our leader mark levin this is phil neville phil cunningham the great american in for mark levin not telling you right now the last several days have been extremely interesting would you agree extremely interesting what's going on in fact just the last twenty four hours things have been going on it's really unbelieva abel now by the way mark levin is on a great book tour and he's seven weeks rediscovering americanism has been on the new york times bestseller mark levin my my leader of migrate one would back on monday night and so i was honoured a couple of weeks ago when he got ahold of may and say bill can you do next friday night i said i love to do what i do all this stuff would be going on that you and i can talk about and it's really an incredible circumstance let's go over just in the last day or two some events that have happened number one about two or three hours ago carl icahn who is iconic carl icahn is the.

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