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Really cares. CB is in Tuscaloosa, go right ahead. How you doing today, sir? Cbi always great having on good. Thank you, sir. You know, this LSU soap opera, you know. I know we'd beaten to today. But and I've heard folks say, well, you gotta look at his contract. What isn't it? What an anybody's contract. Mr Paul that you you can pay to play in u. And they got you on tape it that don't work does. I mean, you gotta be fired. Well, yeah. I mean, I seems like he should have been fired weeks ago. But I I think when it all comes out, we're we're going to find out that the Joe alita was really the wizard of Oz behind the curtain, but people were pulling strings and. He probably would have fired. Wade six weeks ago, but he was told he couldn't. Let's call one more thing about the spring game out Obama. It's hard to tell in the spring games. I know, but this I'm also met Jones bone now. I know two starting quarterbacks both to eat those darts a dead. You say snakes David throw darts was sodas to he's tough. And but I want about Matt Jones if he don't get to start next you've got two kids. We're gonna have a lot of quarterback stuff. I heard a lot about that about MAC and to his brother in Tyson. But I mean, it's way too early to know whether there is a heir apparent back there or not. Hey, thanks for the call. Great to hear from you. John in Memphis is up next. Hey, John tape ball. Thanks, take them a call. When I am UT graduate pharmacy school seventy seven now. Maybe I missed something. But this forthrightness of Rick Barnes. How would it look two weeks from now if somebody in LA broke the story about UCLA quarter? Was that British before he made his an outfit when no what happened yesterday? I think was he just somebody. He was at a press conference. They asked him was it a close call. He said, well, he probably would have gone, but you know, he had a five million dollar buyout and UCLA wouldn't pay it. Same thing happened to. To say, Jamie Dixon at TCU. Okay. One more thing. Everybody's talking about. Well, we're going to go with them until you lose the game in you name. Tennessee basketball started next year with the whole the whole starting team gone. Well, it depends. It depends on whether anyone comes back after they get their reports from the NBA. But if they all get good grades. No. I couldn't do it. So I don't think it'll take too long, then lose you. I think the program is in good shape, but good shape, but good shape in the SEC. Means you could go from second or third to eighth or ninth. Very quickly. Hey, thanks for the call. Good to have you on. Dave and Baton Rouge is up next. Hello, dave. Hey, paul. How are you doing? Well. Dave, thanks for the call. Why are you know, I told you for weeks ago? This was going to go down. And you thought I was crazy. Doesn't surprise me. The lever is is is done. And it's not going for prize me that Steve comes back from AM to be our athletic director, the Miami, Mr. Brando was speaking. He's he's got the pockets and more Poolville be booked written about him and movies about him one day. And I'm telling you, he's. The this is oh to lose. And as it gets, and you gotta governor trying to get reelected right now. And you got money people putting pressure on him. It it is it has been something to sit back and laugh about if you from south Louisiana, and you you enjoy this kind of stuff this has been some kind of a show..

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