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Islamic state terrorist group has been arrested on suspicion of planting a homemade backpack bomb in his school cafeteria and attempting to detonated at lunchtime authorities said it today now the story is from march seven so it's it's from yesterday classmates of the suspect four did the alleged bombing attempt monday a pine view high school in st george utah when they spotted smoke coming from the backpack and alerted a school resource officer according to the washington county sheriff's office the school was immediately evacuated in the washington county bomb squad was called to detonate the device officials said they confirmed this absolutely was an explosive device and it had it detonated it could have caused severe injury potentially death and damage officer alona tremblay spokeswoman for the st george police department told abc news today the device was left in the cafeteria around lunchtime monday and there were numerous students near it she added he had attempted to light the fuse so the bomb explodes drumbeat said of the suspect investigators searched the suspects house in hurricane utah and allegedly found materials consistent with manufacturing homemade explosive officials said they also allegedly uncovered evidence that the juvenile male whose name has not been released had research information about isis and expressed interest in promoting the terrorist group so you know going back to tim's question on twitter why isn't this story at the top of the news right like why why isn't this story plastered across the chiron on your your cable news channel of choice now maybe is i i don't watch television so only place i thought was guide yes yeah and and i don't see i'm looking at fox news.

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