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The state will they lost in Dhamma, can sue the mythical and other guy on a big loss. Well, right for at least at least the way he forming their. I would take Robert Quinn any day of the week over. Ooh, that's an Doncaster was very good player. It's just two different players and Dhamma could sue is if you need a defense alignment, that's going to occupy blockers and take on the double teams because you've got stood linebackers us want them to run. He's he's your guy, but he's not. He's not a natural pass rusher. He, he struggled to get off blocks. He's super strong, but he doesn't have that that quick flip of the hip. Aaron Donal has Robert Quinn is much more of a pass, rushing threat, and I would I would much rather have him on third down. It's a great point because Robert Quinn in the what have you done for me lately league hasn't done a whole lot in a couple of years, but at his best with the Rams he was dynamite. There was a time I think he was leading the league in sacks. Yeah, he just hasn't been physically right for a little while just couldn't couldn't stay on the field. But yes, I'm with you. So in dominating sue Jarvis Landry those are name brands, but the and like you say, JJ but moving those guys on may not end up being a bad thing for the dolphins because I do believe before. Before the new buzz with the LA and what's going on with the Rams and everything Dover Adam gates was the guy. He was the, he was the brilliant offense of mine. And it did seem like he that the people who said that we're onto something because they made people have completely forgotten that that team went to the playoffs two years ago. Yeah, he and he, they were calling him a quarterback whisper and when he came to Miami, Ryan, tannehill head. One was best years ever and of course he got hurt. And then he puts Jay Cutler oughta out of the FOX booth and Cutler shows up says, I don't need to be in shape to play quarterback. How'd that all work out for? I'd love to know this. Did you ask him that gays it? You can do it all over again. Do you want Cutty coming in here? I think if he had to do all over again, he wouldn't brought coder. Oh, yeah. I mean, look as a middling season at best. Listen, hey, you know, you're, you're drowning out at sea. You don't have a lot of options and it's like who can bring in because I need to try to find a way to win games. And I think just that locker room mixed with Jay Cutler coming in under the gun, you know, had j. been there in the whole spring. Maybe it's a little bit of a different relationship with the team, but I just I don't think it worked on or off the field O'Hara you. You're looking felt if I may say. So thank you really thin out. I'm on the slim slow died. I will do slimfast slim slow. Well, I need something because I know I listen, I can see your eyes. Oh, look in me up and down, but not in a good way. You see what I see in the mirror I, I've gotten heavyset. You're you're, you're going Johnny cash on me. You're going all black. It's what? What choice do I have? It's the only way to spare myself a little bit of dignity trying to walk that line and it's like, ninety degrees out, you're wearing. It's a leading. Sure. I thought you had a pack a marble read in And that might. that might be minute Snipes you know, can we do that? Are we allowed to do that on the pug? We should have a smoking podcast episode just see Sihamoni smoke cigarettes. You could smoke in in one episode just burning nails, talk in ball, old school. So reminds me of funding story. So when I when I come to the Browns in two thousand, you know, they, they came back in ninety nine, but they redid the stadium is all brand new. They left in the locker room one of the old school lockers..

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