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News health could include things like funding for decent internet access broadband just having access to the internet for the farmers can capitalize on either marketing trying to get their products someplace else or maybe even capitalizing on trying to buy products from someplace else at a discounted price Wisconsin lost ten percent of its dairy farms last year Jane that they're WTMJ news in Washington the White House defense team will finish arguments today in the Senate impeachment trial gets underway in moments CBS's Stephen Portnoy the president's defense team is expected to wrap up its presentation today and tomorrow it's expected the two sides will begin taking questions from senators the query supposed in writing will be read aloud by the Chief Justice this Q. and a period could take two full days then inside will argue with the Senate should hear witness testimony that key vote is likely to occur on Friday the path after that is on chart also today president trump unveiling his long awaited Middle East peace plan calls for the creation of a state of Palestine with its capital in parts of East Jerusalem presentation of the two state solution concept and speculation that the president might have abandoned consideration of a independent Palestine as he had adopted policies originally bolstering Israel at the expense of the Palestinians now officials say the plan will be unveiled today would more than double the territory currently under Palestinian control however it would recognize Israeli sovereignty over major settlement blocs in the west bank again the president announcing that earlier today from the White House hardly David St the is banking on a big twenty twenty to turn its fortunes around CEO Matt Levitt takes as the company's image overhauls played a role in their struggle to regain the foothold in the motorcycle market they once had however that strategy now is starting to make in roads all the transformation that we've done and they've been very significant and very difficult whether we're talking manufacturing a product development this one is the most significant because we're thinking differently about what we're here to do and it requires all of us to show up differently in the company latitude says the company's overall sales were down for twenty nineteen but profit center some company realignment were up Mike Spaulding WTMJ news the Milwaukee Bucks all the moment of silence before the game tonight in honor of fall in NBA star Kobe Bryant Yanis attend the coup pose as the encore tributes may go further than that of the display at all this on individual maybe what it shows.

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