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Four in paris. Seven forty four here in london. Let's continue today's globalist with the newspapers. Joining me as asking abdomajid sudanese australian writer broadcaster and regular voice monocle twenty four. Welcome back yes thank you. Would you like to start while. Let's talk with the financial times Which reports that the us stock futures slip as as global rally stumbles. And i think this is a kind of across the board where global stocks so. We'll blame the chinese currency is weakening as the tight. Us presidential election set investors on edge and investors. Love a certainty and. I don't think this week has been much certainty for anyone. Really the us futures for the s and p five hundred and the nasdaq fell on point five percent asian trading so. I think this is something. Obviously we'll see what with the presidential election. It's still i mean friday. Hopefully we'll see a little bit more sutton depending on what happens with current president donald trump and his legal actions. I think this will probably be something that continues. The piece on an financial news came in the south china morning. Post which. I found quite interesting. There's a piece on china. Semiconductors which in semiconductors mind not be the most exciting thing that you know this time of the morning. but what's quite interesting. Is that the the seems to be a sentiment. That even if joe biden is elected as president that the shift towards china's trade policy during the shift towards china on literally policy what be as as strong strong so this currently export controls. Us export controls on emerging technologies in. Semiconductors is specifically deemed essential to use national security and surprisingly will. Perhaps if. I don't know how interested people aren't semiconductors but we find them in everything and so the the chinese have slightly concerned that even if abundant administration was elected they would be unlikely to immediately all unilaterally. Lift trump's controls because the democrats have supported the measures that we introduced a couple of years ago pushing back against semiconductor imports into china. Should i continue. Yes i just a little an explanation as to what does heavy conduct series. It's it's it's it's neither it it it basically semiconductor it helps it helps 'electricity pass through. Doesn't it and you're right. it's absolutely everywhere and it emphasizes perhaps china's What we've had in the last couple of weeks from the plenum last week. When they mentioned that they are going to be more self reliant yet focus on trade with the outside world joe biden cannot hope to unpick all the masters has been created with trade woods with with the united states in the last few years. But there's still a sensitive to he and he's he is still very strong against china. Yes and that's i think another it's one of the things that even if there's joe biden presidency not everything that has happened over. The last four years will be rolled back. It's not like we're gonna go straight back to a two thousand and fifteen Global trade landscape. And it's even if. I could build on that actually in the arab news which was also reported in the jerusalem. Post another thing that Joe biden would not be able to automatically go back to is the iran deal and the israeli minister Ones of wall. If biden returns essentially using really strong words a violent confrontation between the two countries. Because you know biden would biden has said that he would go back to the nuclear iran agreement But of course the current israeli administration is very supportive of donald trump and so it is quite interesting to think Even though there is a sense that there'll be a huge shift if there's a democrat president it's not exactly. It's not that straightforward. It's definitely not that simple. Let's move onto what appears to be an existential rift between Fox news and The current president donald trump. it all stems To the declaration that arizona had gone to joe biden and this happened on election night. Didn't it and and fox quickly quickly retracted it. But there's widespread covers financial. Times has done a piece and it developed in. Germany has done a piece on once. You stop the schism between donald trump and his favorite favorite news station. I think he's done more interviews with them than he has with anybody else. Then you know the trouble in and it's also quite interesting. I was looking at some sort of the history of fox. And i think we tend to forget that. Actually there was a moment early in trump's presidency when Folks did push back a little bit against donald trump and he essentially went to warn them. Megan kelly ended up leaving the station of you know Listen year afterwards. And so on. And so you'd like i think it was a little bit of a surprise perhaps To see folks push back a little bit. But they've i probably redeem themselves slightly. Because i think it was last night when donald trump was doing a press conference and making all sorts of claims. A number of new stations actually cut aways nbc abc. And so on whereas folks and actually cnn. Like ed the whole press conference but it will be interesting to see even whatever happens with the presidency what the relationship between folks and trump continues to be because he does not take kindly to being to being told that he's wrong being shown as not to be winning and so on and also has quite a bit of a a. I would say somebody who might hold a grudge and so it will be interesting to see how this plays out. It's interesting that you mentioned that. Several television networks halted live coverage of trump's address yesterday because of the concerns that he's spreading. Disinformation we've also seen on twitter as well several tweets by donald trump Having the warning that they are inaccurate and misleading in front of them one one does now in this world where i think a lot of people have sort of a focusing their attention on how the media is handling such a difficult difficult situation where effectively the words of the current president and the man fighting to stay in the white house simply cannot be trusted trust in the media suddenly becomes a really important issue. Yes i think it's an incredibly fascinating difficult challenge for the media. Generally and there was a lot of self reflection. I think also the two thousand sixteen election. Because you know i think. Many media's stations and companies gave trump a lot of eh time and didn't think that was actually free advertising and when now in a position where it's not only just the media stations but media companies. But it's also social media platforms. Which in the last year. Oh to have been a lot more active in an interventionist probably because of pushback from. I mean we've seen congress. We've seen the even the antitrust. My god my word. Sorry a there's been all sorts of pushback. I think not only from a legislative point of view but from a public pressure point but it does make it incredibly difficult for media companies. I think when the folks who was supposed to be telling the truth ultimately old Leading effectively lying and so who do the on the media the arbitrators of the truth and this is the question that we are seeing shifts on an and i guess i personally think it's vital because if if individuals can't trust what they see on on cnn or on new york times or on the sort of major platforms then they'll end up going and looking themselves and and that's an even more difficult challenge Yes man thank you very much indeed. We'll have to leave it there. You're listening to the globalist..

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