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With william randolph hearst was citizen kane was based on xanadu was based on hearst castle it doesn't matter it's not important that was our house by crosby stills nash and young this is your last clue he will be relieved to know there is house in tennessee that were the kings domain it's shot tv once and ate fried peanut butter sandwiches graceland race land the original song or artist house of the rising sun that's right popularized by the animals chung test stoop down yell you on both games and you're headed to the final round while rebecca and daniel get ready for the final round is time for us to play a game this is called ask me another again later puzzle gir are chung explain how this works if you're i'm going to ask you jonathan questions with definitive yes or no answer you'll each talk it out and give me your answer then we'll ask magic eight ball what have thanks we'll see who gets the most correct answers here's your first question fruit loop cereal comes in the colors red orange yellow green blue and purple however are all fruit loops the same flavor first of all i've never had fruit loops i grew up in a family we weren't allowed to have sugar no sugar cereals no sugar cereals like raisin bran we were like oh my god matrix candy raisins but i'm going to say they're all one hundred percents sugar like how could they be that different in taste i mean flavors like what do we talk about what's blue blueberry come on now they're the site what are the other ones green what's green mint.

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