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The officers charged them armed with a knife and an officer involved shooting occurred. He died at the hospital. His sister is expected to be okay. The fire burning in the Cleveland national forest in orange and riverside counties is now ninety. Two percent contained. The fire has burned nearly twenty three thousand acres. The fire started August sixth in holy, Jim canyon. All evacuation orders have been lifted twelve cabins in Orange County and six homes in Riverside County have been destroyed. The fire is expected to be fully contained by Tuesday, former intelligence director. James Clapper says, former CIA director, John Brennan security clearance was yanked because he spoke out against President Trump. I think it is. I think male John is sort of like a freight train and he's gonna say, what's on his mind. Letter has been signed by sixty former Intel officials who argue the country will be weakened if a political litmus test is or determines rather who can keep their clearances. The president's national security adviser. John Bolton is thinking about reviewing the policy, allowing former government officials to keep their. Security clearances Bolton says Trump's decision to revoke Brennan security clearance was a decision up, to the president intelligence officials career intelligence officials who come out of. The government to keep that. Wall of separation between intelligence and policy. And I don't think Brennan has followed Bolton several senators took issues with Brennan's behavior since. He left the. CIA officials say they have found the body of. A man who is believed to be, missing LA. County fire captain Wayne HALE the body was found your hails car which is found yesterday in Santa Barbara county. Police say they believe able left his home in Newhall, Monday morning he. Was supposedly going, to a gym, for a workout his wife was reportedly told or reportedly told authorities her. Husband had been battling. Depression authorities say the body was found around six last night near hot springs trail, in montecito a great. White shark has taken a bite out of a man at a beach on Cape Cod the beach now closed indefinitely the sixty one year old was bitten thirty yards. Off the Massachusetts coast Wednesday. You suffer deep puncture wounds in his legs, and torso and was flown to a Hostile in Boston. Yesterday his condition was upgraded. From serious to fair an organization and current county has dedicated itself to saving. Dogs to save people we rescue the rescue dogs that are burn shot stabbed hung Anything you can imagine we've. Rescued and you really use rescue dogs to help rescue people Marley's nuts founders ExCo says he was one of those. People he says he was a suicidal, drug addict and rescue dogs helped save. His life so he founded Marley's and rescues, dogs and other pets from high kill shelters and. Trains them to be. Therapy animals the organization has programs for vets students cancer patients Addison inmates in, California state prisons he, set up Marley's Matzen Kern county but, it's now getting donations from. Around the world Amy king KFI news the longest active high school football winning streak has come to an end Kimberly high school in Wisconsin lost, thirty, one twenty eight Friday nights tapping their seventy game streak it was the. School's first loss since two thousand twelve state quarterfinal the. Longest all time streak belongs to de LA Salle high school in concord California which one one.

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