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It could get to the foul line on a consistent basis. Kevin Bowen, give me one minute here on the cold. They're starting three weeks. Is that it? The September the 13. Oh, my goodness. You know what date is coming? How bad is that? We go in two weeks. Why? Welcome to 2020. I don't know a day. There's either, but yeah, I was at Lucas Oil Stadium earlier today they had their final training camp viewing for the media. On Ben, you know, like you said, I mean, two weeks from Sunday, they will be in Jacksonville for their home opener. So I kind of get into regular season mode here. You know, maybe not this coming week, but certainly the next week. And roster cuts are a week from today. They haven't 80 man roster right now. That has to be down to 53 by next Saturday for at K Bone and 93 5. One of 75 f m dot coms that close enough to get just go on. You know what? Try this Google Kevin Bowen for having sex but at K Bone on Twitter. I got that I'm a huge fan. You know that. Are you? Are you You are always on a code. I try not to be contrary, I think of me as a contrarian. How's that? Hi, Kevin. Thanks for taking time and kiss that baby girl and have a smartphone is Yuki and I appreciate your time. Will the Great Night YouTube. Thank you. Coming up. Scoreboard update with Minister of Information secretary of scores, bringing King and then talk a little racing with Adam Alexander from FX one.

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