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Out the way Tom Brady's biggest weapon a New England is joining him in Tampa tight end rob Gronkowski is coming out of retirement the patriots then traded him to the Buccaneers in exchange for a fourth round draft pick to Gronk sat out last season keeping busy with some business ventures a little broadcasting and wrestling he actually won the twenty four seven championship belt at WrestleMania WrestleMania thirty six last month but Brock is also really really good at football making five pro bowls in catching seventy nine touchdown passes in nine seasons with the patriots there are J. lo pushed by the Mets continues variety reports that the power couples in talks with quad capital founder Wayne Roth bound to join their group Roth down made an unsuccessful bid on the Marlins three years ago losing out to Derek Jeter's group the Mets were valued at two point six billion dollars in the Steve Cohen deal that fell through earlier this year but that value is said to be decreasing especially with the baseball season on hold because of the corona virus pandemic the automated the Yankees are both expected to pay full time employees to release the month of may this includes major league and minor league managers coaches and scouts commissioner rob Manfred is left up to each team to decide on furloughs and pay cuts starting may first and with no stayed home order in the state of South Dakota fans are going to be allowed in at an open wheel racing event on Saturday park Jefferson international speedway says it's only selling seven hundred tickets are about twenty percent of normal capacity and it will enforce social distancing regulations South Dakota governor Christie no no we strongly recommending that people do not go on Saturday Brad Heller WCBS eight eighty sports for nearly one hundred years people at Gladstone.

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