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The vase continues for the time being toys leads by over two seconds on ben bailey must've where over dinner in jackson was the crusher on the exit buttons so as a disaster in jackson the number seven stuff he's not going to be in the top ten now i don't think with eleven naps to go the front rowing ties make it in the base i must say he's pulling away from ben rainy handover face spent by make these days early traffic so the line ryan ties are forty point one eight that's his personal west end the race so far and he doesn't improve time around and saima gates the number seventy two has gotten past jamie king for third place the gap over the line only two tenths of a second but as soon as he gets through turns to these really pushing very hard and actually created a couple of bike lanes jamie king now starting to get into the valley's valuing coast so already having to think about defending furthermore as damagelimitation some might say but a great battle ensuring between the seven sue let some six and the ones six as down has gone much sure he's going down the basseterre number five just on the exit the fun and washed out walking by just pick it up and get back on but a shame nonetheless in this early stage of the race just concern any we lost our leader i think it saw engage the seventy two so that promotes jamie king thirdplace growing ties now he's been bathing then he's jamie king was gone richard i william all over the rear end of clements.

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