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Hated in some way shape or form through a vaccine that is a hundred percent spot on there we find a therapeutic thing that helps us fight it along with a vaccine that's similar to the flu shot and we learn to live with it or disappears on its own I couldn't tell you which way it's gonna go what I do now is at some point in time people as individuals I've said they have a breaking point they're going to have to make a decision for themselves you're gonna have to make a decision for self what are you willing to risk and we say the word risk every day there's a risk there's a risk of you driving home everyday that something may or may not happen there's a risk everywhere in everything that we do what are you getting on an airplane whether you are driving in a car whether you're walking down the street because the carcass there's a risk all over what should the differences here is I could spread this how would you even know most people have no idea they're not tested for any antibodies European countries from Germany to Sweden are all saying that they're looking at a position where ninety eight ten ninety nine percent of people that get this will never know they have a magic the giant spread that's that they believe that when all is said and done it'll be a little bit more dangerous than the flu although the net it throws is bigger and because we don't have a therapeutic treatment you see the dangers of but everybody has a breaking point when it comes to their livelihood what's your breaking point restaurants around the country trying to figure out what they're supposed to do is they try to slowly reopen full some people gonna go back they're gonna go back immediately they're gonna be a lot of people that are gonna be put off by the several different things they're wearing the gloves and wearing the mask and and it's just gonna feel awkward so they may not go back there's some people that are afraid that every door handle every room they walk in is potentially death and there they they want no part of this the end of the day everybody's gonna start taking in all the stock they have in there the world that's out there and they're gonna look at everything including the bank account the thanks they built what's going on in their life and they're going to make certain decisions this woman a hair stylist her decision was I'm going to open up because I can feed my kids.

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