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I'm not sure that they would. In fact her has been saying that they won't that they're not you know he wants ten million dollars for you know to fight haney or tank or ryan garcia whatever. I completely understand a ta lopez it's perspective in the sense that he took what could only be considered short money to fight the silly chanko and he went out there and as an underdog three to one underdog won the fight. Now it's time for him to be paid and he wants to be paid appropriately. Whether it's fighting devon haney devante davis ryan garcia whomever might be. He wants to be paid and he should want to be paid easily keys. The only lightweight out of all of them that has gone in there and proven that he is the elite guy division. He's the only one. Now you can say that loma are smaller fighter older fighter or whatever he was arguably the pound for pound best fighter in the world lopez took the fight believed in himself took again. What would be considered short. Money went in there and good more than he was supposed to do and now wants to be compensated properly. So i guess this all comes back to whether the fight can be made. I don't think so. Because i don't know that a tia. Fema lopez devon haney fight at this moment while it's a very attractive fight. I would love to see. It is going to generate the type of revenue particularly for stolen in this pandemic for it to be worthwhile for anyone to pay what they're going to want to pay because it's not just fema lopez is to want to be a lot of money. It's devon haney who is already being paid a lot of money to fight. Or york's kim boa now prado santiago and you know our of the live. He's already been paid a lot for fights that are nowhere near as risky as he will. Lopez so what is he going to want there. Enough money there from espn or disown or top rank or match room. All of them combined. Satisfy these two guys and i don't think that it is. I don't think that there is yet chris. The lightweight division as you well know is is hot right now right. We have these guys and there's all these ups that can be made in everyone's all excited about it and everything and none of them are going to happen anytime soon. On twenty twenty. One looks like it's going to be off of these guys fighting different people and by the end of this year. I think it's more likely than not tiffy has gone. I mean he's gonna move up and fight the winner of Taylor versus ramirez. Yeah i i don't believe that to your point. I've heard the same thing top top-ranked tiff over to zone. In one of those maurice hooker. Jose ramirez types of deals. It's not going to happen. I think. Eddie would happily send devon haney over..

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