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Is the top seller at sales gravy. And when i heard jeb blunt give her a giant shout from the stage at outbound for doing over three hundred percent of her number in the middle of a pandemic last year. I knew we had to have her on. Welcome to the show brooke. Thank you as your beer. So let's kick things off like we always do with immediate value and talk about the top three things that you believe have contributed the most to your success in sales so definitely have to list. Jim clinton the cells gravy team as my number one the library of curriculum. That we have here. Sales gravy covers everything from sales leadership account management and customer experience so having that large variety of content and has definitely been a part of my success. Dedication i would say is huge being able to be disciplined having self control and persistence throughout my day to day activities and also being confident. You definitely have to believe in what you're selling in order to sell it to your customer so knowing that i believe in the products that we offer here at sells gravy at definitely allows me to be confident each day. I'm talking to prospects perfect. And i'm sure we'll talk about this more but clearly you're first in your third go together. You're using your product. It's helping you to succeed. And that gives you more confidence in being able to sell that to other folks certainly so talk about. Your second point was around dedication and discipline. What does that look like. What are the kind of core things that you think about and focus on when you're working on your self control. I think having goals each day as to what you won't to accomplish obviously have an overall goals for the years important but then breaking those down into smaller goals so that you have something that you won't to accomplish. I'd only today but monthly and quarterly having a set structure and being disciplined in knowing when to win deprioritize your task how to prioritize them starting your day with call blocks and knowing what you won't to achieve at the end of the day. Nice nice. well we will dig into more of that as well but your role is is a little bit unique. A little bit of a player coach type of role. Why don't you talk about exactly what that is and how you got to hide. Got number one. Certainly so i. Do you have a dual role here sales gravy. I am responsible for primarily bringing in new business maintaining my existing customers.

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