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Let's listen to just a bit of it and I know this is just a rough mix so not Polish debt let's barb wires check I suppose art at a time like this helps in dealing with a loss as big as what happened we think that music this part of not only bring us together but this will check on title VII though the fight against erasure because this is part of what's going on it's it's the erasure of our communities and there's nothing like music and spoken word performances in art to we cover that silence you know what would you like people to know about the vessel for months on you know I have a lot of mixed feelings about the attention that we get I think it's very important to promote solidarity to promote an understanding but sometimes sometimes it's almost not to know anything rather than to know things very superficially there's an element of almost exploitation I think some of us are just kind of fifty about this sudden tension that that we've gotten but it's always within the same kind of like there's only one story that can come out and that's the story of violence in the story of A. T. and these cliches you know and so I get really frustrated by I mean I'm appreciative that people have turned their their attention to a part of the world it seems to be in the middle of nowhere it really is in the midst of everything but at the same time I wish the stories that would come up more more about just our humanity our vision you know it's it's really really complicated and I I wish that that complication would come up more and more I think we've taken the step and I do think that finally more border voices are coming out and I think that's an important step is there anything that you're doing this holiday season to remember your friend or well I mean it's like something you really can't forget while I'm talking about other things you know how choked up or something I'm I'm almost surprised by how hard it is to yeah.

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