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So elizabeth holmes was a stanford student she dropped out of stanford because she had this great idea based on her own experience according to the narrative the story that she tells she was afraid of neto for she's a known liars we have to take this all with a grain of salt but go on well the story is what's important to get investors to invest so you know the savvy ones they start developing story early on and her story was that she was afraid of needles she had started looking at and taking some courses at stanford and sort of doing her own independent study to figure out a way to draw blood or at least be able to test blood for various things only using a couple of droplets and that was the pitch it would if it was real be revolutionary because it would not only reduce costs but obviously make it really ee much more comfortable and much less painful for people like you know elderly or peep cancer patients for kids children be a game changer for kids well and listen i don't have any particular fear of needles and no more fond of them than anybody else but if somebody says to me oh by the way there's a method to do this that doesn't involve sticking the needle in your vein i'd say yes please everybody would don't even say that anyway what happens next so she got a lot of people at stanford interested and stanford of course it's the hotbed of start up venture capital activity there's always people there who are willing to support mentor in bass there's lots of infrastructure to support people like her but she dropped out and she immediately attracted some very high powered people to invest in her firm you know she ended up with some stellar people like george salts the former secretary of state and some of his colleagues at the hoover institution people from the stanford medical school and one particular guy tim draper from a vc firm called draper fischer interprets and who invested not as like a formal venture capitalists but as a friend.

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