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Now he is detained Hassen is still the coast guardsmen, but his access to facilities has been revoked Scott, Fox News. Donald Trump's America, the talks at the primary level started with face to face meetings between US Trade Representative Robert lighthizer and vice premier Leo hub leading their delegations. The two sides are working on a memorandum of understanding that includes the Chinese protecting intellectual property of companies also stopping cyber theft technology as well as buying a substantial amount of goods and agriculture from the US to address the trade deficit secretary of state, Mike Pompeo says the Chinese have to be on notice about the forced transfer of technology. The Chinese need to acknowledge that this is taking place the to put structural changes in place to prevent it from taking place, and then there needs to be an enforcement mechanism. So that the whole world can know that these things are continuing to the Chinese hope to have enough done for President Donald Trump to move the tariff increase deadline from March first both sides said the president will have to meet president Xi Jinping from China face to face to seal any trade deal in. Washington. Edward laurence. Fox news. Military matters back atop his Sherman tank. Clarence Moyer is all smiles too, many battle tank like that at once known as the hero of Cologne. He's one of the last survivors. Now, a new book by Adam ako is called spearhead tells his story there's heroes like Clarence hiding in our own myths, and they're passing away really fast the book launched in Boston. And it's we're Claridge's wish to ride in a World War Two irritant. Once again came true Clarence has had this ride on his bucket list for seventy five years the streets of Charlestown lead.

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