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Don't know what that means but yeah this is. This is here to stay. I mean chat ocho cinco. Did you see him boxing. He got popped though he. I think he won. The first three rounds and he got popped on the chin went down to get standing. Oh count all okay. Oh excellent early. It's early plus paulie plus one q. Yes so that. I just went up the most lucrative boxing finally the last five years. It was tyson versus roy jones. Junior this is all we're going to have is gimmicks. I mean that's the only fight that's beaten. That's the only time they beaten. Ufc and a year with slices of jones. But if you have a younger audience that doesn't remember what a big spectacle. Boxing was in big fights in. You had great fighters. Then it's the novelty of this may fifty bucks. I get an evening of this. I get to see. You know. Logan paul jake paul. Floyd mayweather is it gimmicky. Yeah so is wrestling people watch it. I don't really think this affects boxing. And all i would bet that the people who bought the paul mayweather fight are ninety. Five percent not fans. Boxing fans and the boxing is a good sport. It's not what it wasn't a seventies eighties and ever will be it's not mma or have because that's kind of taken over. Boxing does well. I can name twenty boxers. And it's a good sport. That's on showtime and espn. But it's never going to be what we remember like. Nothing's like it wasn't a seventy three boxing kind of Looked up and said wait. What happened to the sport. Because of usc and now it's still trying to figure out it's trying to it's like you got a standing eight count and you're kind of wobbling a little bit here and you're trying to get to a neutral corner just to kind of figure out all right. What direction are we headed in. Is this the direction because people are making money here. And i you know. I was very fortunate to cover boxing back in the eighties in i got to see some of the great fighters and i got to go to these events and they were true event whether it was mike. Tyson fighting or vendor holyfield fighting. Alexis arguello aaron pryor tommy hearns veto. Linda fermo marvelous. Marvin hagler got. I got to sugar. Ray leonard got to see those fights so when it comes to something like this. I feel bad for the sport because it used to be important..

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