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Hopefully making another music radio people like even if it's maybe not as salacious as this one and and i think yeah i think we've we've we've honestly had a chance to think of that i think probably just wrapping up the new music that's coming out and i think we like to keep stuff under wraps but there's more there's more coming and we like to think our selves like the adventures every time we can assemble and we we all our schedules are in line and so that's happening right now and we're working rapidly to just get as much out as we can especially this last run to really yeah just really like make a big bang you know 'cause this is donald last album and so yeah but where we have we have some good stuff coming coming up for you guys ebro k producer on this is america and creative director for childish gambino thank you for joining us thank you living right what do y'all think donor and song hold the mirror of us in this united states we have strayed so far from the nation of values where everyone is considered worthy of equal consideration in safety whole small country considerably worse off after generations of neglect racist and classes couplets policies and access to health and housing win will we pay attention by reversing these still active ideas to create lasting change thank you artist lover aka childish gambino this is holly three win in portland oregon i loved donald glover's new music video not only is it just plain good music but the direction and the cinematography was outstanding message behind was of course the utmost important samba i look forward to whatever comes out with my name is lily and i'm from eugene oregon trae from atlantic beach florida and along vantage house gambino videos have always had some kind of message you really have to analyze the word.

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