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Quick take He's a Bloomberg business flash Oh goodbye world Hank waters I'm Charlie Paulo We move into the final hour of trading on this Thursday November 18th we've got the down lower the S&P has thanked their both advancing NASDAQ 100 index heading for a record ten year yield right now 1.58% Bitcoin is down 3.6% 57,952 right now on Bitcoin Textures leaving the equity market higher in a volatile session ahead of tomorrow's options expiration which is forecast to be the second biggest in recent history Nvidia shares rallying after earnings and video up now by 8 and a half percent but heading the other direction after earnings Cisco Systems Cisco weighing on the Dow Cisco lower now by 6.1% Initial jobless claims at lower last week setting another pandemic low 268,000 far crime from last year when the pandemic broke out the economy shut down and jobless claims were running in the millions As for the broader economic backdrop subadra set of U.S. rate strategy at societe general If you look at all the data we've been getting whether it be on the employment front or retail sales it's been gangbusters right So in that context you should see as a U.S. economy starts to reopen for business Yes people aren't getting into their business clothes and going into work but it will happen eventually when infection rates start to come down Savannah river job of societe general she mentioned retail Macy's posted stronger than expected results for the third quarter it also raised its full year earnings guidance Macy's shares surging now by 21% also reporting this morning calls corp hit postage sales of beat Wall Street expectations coal shares up now by 9.6% Among some of the names scheduled to report after the close of trading today Applied Materials up now by 1% Nuanced communications up one tenth of 1% and Intuit down 1.1% I'm Charlie peloton that is a.

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