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Brittany. He Drexel just wanted to have some fun. Her family life in Rochester. New York was undergoing some dramatic changes during her junior year of high school. Her parents had recently decided a to divorce her dad Chad who adopted her as a little girl. After marrying her mom dawn had just moved out of the house and seventeen year. Old Brittany was taking it really hard now. She normally enjoyed school and she loved being on the soccer team but the problems at home were difficult to cope with as she tried. Not only to navigate these new waters for herself but also be either for her younger brother and sister through divorce now. Her normal spark around this time was just dimmed but as winter ended and spring break of two thousand nine got closer Brittany. Saw An opportunity to reignite it when a trio of seniors from the high school invited her to go down to Myrtle beach South Carolina with them for spring break. Now this is is a big deal to be invited by the older kids. This is kind of a tradition for the seniors to go to Myrtle beach and have a good time before graduation and Brittany really wants to go. There's just one problem. Her parents won't let her. Dawn is not about to let Britain take a fourteen hour road trip. Six states away with a group of kids that she doesn't know with no oh. Parental supervision and Chad agrees is not happening. I mean I'm sure if I were Brittany I would be upset but as a mom. I'm also seeing that. It's a really good idea not to go. Yeah but here's the thing you're right Brittany is all about this. She doesn't stop asking and pretty soon. They're fighting about it all through the weeks leading up to spring break. It's a constant discussion point in their house. All the way up until the week of April twentieth when Britney's school let out for vacation finally on April Twenty Second Britney asked Don again because it's when they're planning on leaving like mob. Can I please go to Myrtle beach. But Don holds firm and their argument comes to a head and Brittany ends up storming out of the House. She calls her boyfriend to come pick her up and he takes her over to a friend's house now once she gets there she calls on to apologize. And of course I along with the apology ask just one more time once again. Don Says No disappeared actually did an episode. So on Britney's case called the secret journey and dawn told the producers of that show that she just got a bad feeling about the whole myrtle beach thing and she was kind of sick of Brittany asking but she got it. It was spring break. She thinks that you know she does need some kind of change of scenery. Some breathing room might not be a bad idea. I mean it's been stressful. School year with Donna. Chad's had separation. It's not easy on anyone now that there's this long way to break from school Brittany suggests a compromise. Britney says listen. Let me spend spring break at my friend's house like I will call you all the time I'm GonNa be around if you need anything and this seemed like a happy medium. This would like let Brittany getaway but not all all the way to South Carolina with a bunch of people. Didn't know so dawn says yes. Let me talk to your friends parents. I and this should be fine so Brittany hands the phone over to one of her her friends parents so don can talk to them for a few minutes and by the time she hangs up don shields a lot better because now both she and Britney can relax as the days go by Britney keeps up her end of the bargain she regularly calls don her cell phone to chat. Tell her what she's up to. She says that her and her friend just taking it easy hanging at home watching movies. They even got to go to the beach each one day. There's this beach near Lake Ontario. Like where they live and one afternoon. It hit like eighty in Rochester. They went to the beach now. On April Twenty Fifth Britney he calls Don and says she'll be home tomorrow just like a great. She says she and her friends are watching. More movies all GonNa stay in Nice and relaxing spring break don untold adding New Orleans of my story news. Brittany told her she loved her and she would see her tomorrow before they hung up the phone. She didn't think anything of it at the time. Just as by love you to later that night though don gets a phone call not from Brittany but from Britney's boyfriend John and he's a little panicky and he tells Don something that infuriates. Her Brittany isn't at her friend's house in Rochester. She's actually down in Myrtle beach at the bar. Harbor Hotel with her older friends. Jan Philipp Alana right where she's not supposed to be now right away. Dawn is so angry however her rage melts away away when John tells her not only as Britney in Myrtle beach but he can't get a hold of her. She's stopped responding to his tax over an hour ago and no one can get a a hold of her now on the phone when Don realizes that no one knows where Brittany is an immediate fear sets in. This is in right frantic don calls halls Chad and then tries multiple times to Col Brittany only to have her calls go unanswered before. Eventually they go to voicemail. Once Jon gets off work. He goes right to Britney's house house and confesses dawn so she can tell the Rochester police. Now there's a law that police can do from upstate. New York so John and dawn also call all a family friend that they have in North Carolina who instantly head south to file a missing persons report with the Myrtle Beach Police. Because that's who they have to file with since dots where she went missing. Don Jon spends an anxious night on the phone with Chad and her parents as they try to coordinate a plan. They're all two words even get any rest but there's still reason to hope and so they tried to focus on the potential positives instead of all the negatives the next morning dawn John and a small group of Britney's loved ones get up early to begin the long drive drive from Rochester to myrtle beach to try and bring Britney home along the way John tells them more of the story about how Britney started off having a great time she was hanging hanging out with friends until they started partying too hard and left her isolated as nice as the weather was as much as she wanted to be on that trip. John says that Brittany was ready. Ready to come home now. None of this is really setting in for Don. By the time they get to Myrtle beach. It is surreal and awful to think that her baby is missing yet here. They are hundreds hundred of miles away from home and desperate for answers now that she's in South Carolina though. She likes the Myrtle beach police takeover in hopes that they'll be able to find Britney fast now one of the first things police do is they talked to Jen Alana and fill those same people that she went down there with and they also talked to John Her boyfriend since he was actually the last person known to. I've been in contact with her between the four of them. They want to try and track Britney's last movements and here's what they learn. John says that when he was texting her she tells him that. She's not with her group anymore. She'd actually been doing her own thing that day and she met up with a guy named Peter who she knew from back home now in the last moments that John was texting her. She told him that she was at the blue. Water resort hanging out with Peter now according to the police report when they talk to her friends they we learned that they had asked her to come to their hotel and brings him shorts back that she had borrowed so Britney leaves. The blue water resort to go return the shorts to her friends except she never made it back to their hotel. Knowing that Peter is potentially one of the last people now have interacted with Brittany. The police naturally WanNa find him and talk to him now. Peter's a little bit older he's actually already graduated from high school and he is down in Burtle beach with a group of buddies for a spring break trip of his own and he's actually pretty well known back home in Rochester. For being a club promoter and knowing the best spots to have a good time. Here's the scoop. Though when they go look for him. There's a problem he he is gone. According to the Myrtle beach police report. Investigators go to the blue water resort to talk to Peter and his friends only to find that they left in a hurry at about two o'clock on the morning of April twenty-sixth just hours after Britney went missing the night before their stuff is still in their room and they didn't even bother to get their or deposit back. Yeah that's super sketchy especially if you don't have anything to hide right but here's the thing it's not like he was on the run. Peter had actually gone right back home home to Rochester so they weren't able to track him down but as soon as he got home he immediately got a lawyer which raises some eyebrows for the friends and Family Leeann.

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