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So you can watch from anywhere coming up. Maybe Tony around is in the problem in Pittsburgh winding up to take shots at somebody else. You'll hear who right after this. Back on get up. And after Ben Rothlisberger through this game ending interception against the Broncos and a week twelve loss. He went on his radio show when he criticized the route that Antonio Brown had run on the plate ground, as you know, is now on his way out of Pittsburgh after a trade. Demand tweeted that Rothlisberger has an owner mentality. According to Steelers general manager, Kevin Colbert Robbins burger has earned the right to publicly criticize his teammates. These comments from the GM I've gotten a lot of attention. He said Ben is the unquestioned leader of the group. Like, I said, he's the elder statesman and the Super Bowl winner players were smart. They'd listen to him because he's been there. He's done it. He can tell them. No guys. What you're doing is not is or is not good enough to do this. And honestly believe that could be a burden on him more often than he may like to admit he's got fifty two kids under quite honestly, I want them to step up and say, hey ban. What do I have to do? Can I do this better? What do we have to do to win a Super Bowl? These comments have gotten a lot of attention. We're delighted to have Dominic Foxworth who's in town too, high noon later today was able to stop. By here and give us some perspective on that. So when you hear the comments calling the teammates, kids, etc. What is your reelection theory aiding obviously, and it's stupid because it doesn't help anyone first of all it's wrong. And it's a natoma to football culture everywhere that I'm so we've heard a bunch of players say yesterday that the mentality and a locker room is every man's thing. Bill Belichick trees Tom Brady. Theoretically, the same way he treats everyone else raising any particular player to a higher pedestal than any other players something that no football team has ever preached and believed it, and then the second reason why it's a guy who's a GM who's supposed to have good strategic vision. This doesn't help anybody. This isn't good for Ben Rothlisberger. When he tries to rent the locker room. This isn't good for his teammates. This isn't good. For tomlin's. Not good for the Steelers is not good for the GM himself. The only person that it seems like someone good for is Antonio Brown. Because all this does reiterate that things that we all we all heard Antonio Brown say, and we kinda discredited some of us discredited because all that Antonio Brown. But note, it seems like it is the case Ben has the owners. Taliban, and they support I was struck by how extraordinarily passionately so many football players reacted to this guys who are usually measured. Yes, why? Specifically, what is it that bothered people?.

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